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Three Art Related Journals by Croft Angle Art Are Up for Grabs Now


Woody Point, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/12/2017 -- Kellea Croft, the founder of Croft Angle Art, recently rolled out three journals for fellow artists who are struggling to make their artworks sellable and trying to make a decent living by creating and selling artworks. Kellea, who is a self-publisher as well, brings to the table a lot of hands-on experience when it comes to merchandising artworks. She has also shared tidbits of art history and art business management in her journals. The three journals carrying very distinct flavours and content are published by Blaidd Publications.

The three journals that Kellea has published are named Daily Art Marketing Journal; Study an Artist's Work Journal, and The Divine Studio Organizational Journal, respectively. Kellea herself is excited to be able to publish the three journals which can be purchased now through Blaidd Publications, a platform for self-publishing of books and journals. Blaidd Publications is also one of the many initiatives taken by the 47-year old artist who takes interest in studio management and art marketing, among many other things.

Kellea told the press that the books are also available through Amazon as well. However, she added that buyers purchasing the journals through the website of her publication agency can avail as much as 40% discount on the total purchase amount.

Kellea, a cancer patient herself, wishes to share exclusive tips on art merchandising and art business management as she thinks that these are some aspects commonly overlooked by artists as they are so engrossed in their creative world that they hardly think about financials. However, according to Kellea, 'bringing food to the table is essential' and nobody can completely ignore the financials. As she is an artist herself, she knows the pains of the art business that her fellow artists face. She said during a recent interview that she just wanted to share pithy tips with fellow artists through her journals.

"I have seen many struggling artists who are not in complete control of their business. They are on the top of their game, but they are just clueless about how to sell their artworks. The three journals are specially written for these artists extraordinaire who lack marketing skills", said Kellea.

About Croft Angle Art
Croft Angle Art is an initiative taken by Kellea Croft, an artist for life.

Email kelleacroft@croftangleart or or talk to Kellea Croft via phone 0406491256 or visit or to know more.