Three Important Things to Remember when Looking for the Right T-Shirt

DPCTED Apparel in-house fashionista give 3 important tips on how to find the perfect t-shirts that best describes a person’s personality.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/05/2016 -- Finding the perfect statement t-shirt can be quite of a challenge for many. DPCTED Apparel, a popular brand of apparel that celebrates the tantalizing features in each and every one, offers some important tips to find the right statement t-shirt that will best individual's personality and values in a really fun way.

Aside from the fact that a person's style is constantly evolving, no single statement t shirt can properly define a person's personality, hopes, dreams, interests, and even state of mind. While it can be daunting, finding one's personal style through statement t shirt can be a fun and meaningful journey to self-discovery.

Here are some of the few tips that can help everyone find the right kind of statement tee for them.

1.) Take into consideration the humor of funny t-shirts

Humor is very subjective. Humor can be interpreted differently across ages and cultures. A funny t shirt for someone may not be as funny to another. Jokes and humorous quotes is largely based on culture, age, and even gender. If the humor of a funny t shirt is get by a person, then that statement t shirt could be the perfect shirt for him.

2.) Get shirts with statements based on personality and not on the person's mood

When buying statement t shirts, it is very important to take into consideration whether the statement written on it will describe the person most of the time. Statement funny t-shirts are like status updates on social media, except that they cannot be updated every single minute. A person can change his mood at different times of the day, which is unlike the written statement in t-shirts. Therefore, the shirt must be based on the person's personality not on perceived mood. This way, the shirt can be worn the whole day and still ring true no matter what.

3.) Find original and unique items

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It might be a funny t shirt, but the humor of the statement on the shirt will not be funny anymore if ten people walk down the street wearing shirts with the same statement. This is why you need to look out for designs that are original and unique. DPCTED Apparel does not copy from memes and other t shirt. Instead, it has in house artists that think carefully how the shirts are designed and what statements are written on them. For those who are looking for a unique and funny t-shirts with statements that best describes a person, they will surely find one at DPCTED Apparel!

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