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Three Ring Publishing Announces the Release of FATE's First Turn


Brooklyn, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/02/2017 -- The constant threat of nuclear terrorism is a rising concern in today's global landscape. Former Marine and terrorism blogger Rick Page is keenly aware of these growing threats that can led to catastrophe in the near future. These ever pertaining issues are vividly depicted throughout his upcoming new novel "FATE's First Turn".

FATE's First Turn is the first book in the series about FATE (Federal Anti-Terrorism Enforcement), a secret government agency that bears the responsibility of keeping us safe from danger in these turbulent times. This is an action-packed novel, which is sure to take the readers on an emotional roller coaster ride.

Speaking on the eve of release, Rick Page was quoted as saying, "I believe a writer's job is to elicit emotions from their readers. If I can achieve that one thing and FATE's First Turn elicits an array of emotions, then I feel I am successful as a writer!"

He further added, " I started this book to prove to myself that I could do it. At first, it was to prove a point, and then it just consumed me. I emerged into a world of the written word that ended up almost typing itself. Ideas flowed out of me that I never dreamed I had in me. In doing so it took me on the greatest adventure of my life, one that I will never forget. If only one person derives pleasure from this novel, then I have done what I set out to do, give others pleasure with my thoughts and words."

Governments have been known to keep classified information from its average citizens, even if it impacts their lives. Throughout this book, Rick discusses this sensitive subject, by revealing some of the inner workings of a secret government agency. Reviewers believe that the story has a gripping side to it which has potential to shape our tomorrow and become depressing headlines, if we are not vigilant enough.

The story also offers a romantic twist amid its compelling plot about an American who hates Russians but is bounded by his commitment to training with a Russian who hates Americans. These two must learn to trust each other where there is no trust. Adding to the intrigue, that same American falls for the Russian's older sister, with rest of story following interesting plots and twists.

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About Rick Page
Rick Page, the author of FATE'S First Turn, has watched the world of terrorism escalate almost first hand, having been an integral part of the military. He has always maintained his passion for writing, even while he was in US Marine Corps. Through this new series, Rick aspires to share his experiences and his fear of the disaster that the current threat of terrorism escalating to nuclear is capable of bringing to mankind.

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