Three Way Street - Author Keith Gilbert Releases Exciting New Spy Thriller


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/31/2013 -- Three Way Street Author Keith Gilbert studied law and was educated in North London, with an erudite mind for detail, and an extreme talent for a good story.

His exciting new spy thriller 3 Way Street, is a spy novel suspense story, set in the 1960's, and he perfectly captures the era having grown up during these vibrant times.

This novel spy thriller is highly recommended with a 5 Star rating on, for a good read as one it's great books unfolding a wry storyline that cloaks you in intrigue and suspense, by portraying the naturalness of the 'peace and love' Flower Power movement, against the ruthless backstabbing of the Cold War.

May 1961 spotlights President Kennedy's crucial and escalating Cold War Space-Race oration, committing over two million dollars to leapfrog the Russians in claiming the first Manned Moon Landing.

The spy hero here features Max Colton, an ex- MI-6 Operative who's been tempted back by Leo, who he's worked with before, who's not just an old family friend, but Head of the CIA in Finland.

Leo persuades Max into a one-off job, because US Espionage have hijacked a sophisticated electronic component from the Russian Space Project, but can't afford any involvement.

Max eventually becomes embroiled in a high-powered Cold War core of deceit, ruthlessness and double-bluff.

However over the 15 years after World War ll, America and Russia had remained allies, merely sustaining redundant covert services and the story therefore focuses strongly on the problematic incestuous complacency and assimilations of the CIA, KGB and MI-6, operating overseas.

However, after Kennedy's incandescent Space-Race speech, "the US and USSR were now suddenly opposed; secret intelligence services re-activated, covert activity awoke to unprecedented scales, loyalties started shifting, and you no longer knew who were your friends - and who were not."

This intriguing novel, Three way Street sustains it's spy thriller plot with some 'steamy' sex, yet the book still avoids gratuitousviolence and bad language.

Now also out on Paperback, Three way Street is not just a great book, and a good read, but very worthy of a film or screenplay.

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