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Throwing Grapes and Moving Mountains: Powerful New Book Delivers Daily Devotions

Containing 91 heart-warming devotions, Jan Hegelein’s compelling new book unwraps selected Bible verses in a way that is deeply personal and relevant to the reader.


Rochester, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/13/2012 -- A daily devotion has the power to inspire deep and life-changing thought. Thanks to a new book by Jan Hegelein, both new and seasoned believers have an opportunity to receive three months-worth of deeply personal and thought-evoking devotions.

Everything is wrapped into ‘Throwing Grapes and Moving Mountains: A Devotional Journey for the Hungry Heart’, a small book with a ground-breaking message.

Throwing Grapes and Moving Mountains is not a book for the casual Christian. This book unwraps selected bible verses in a way to make their message personal and relevant. God's love shines through each page and will both affirm and challenge the reader to go deeper with God. Each re-read brings a further truth to enjoy, embrace and appropriate. This is a book which will not gather dust on the shelf, but continue to draw the reader into a deeper awareness of God's strong and fierce love for him. Readers will engage with God through these reflections and their faith will be refined, energized and purified.

The book is set up with a daily reading format. There are Scripture verses to read and ponder, and an engaging reflection based on those verses. The book contains a collection of 91 devotions; it covers a quarter of the year. On a weekly basis there are five devotions and two Scripture-inspired lyrical pieces which are designed for lighter reading on the weekends. The title reflects the idea that these truths will move mountains of doubt, fear and despair, and provide blessings so large, they will be like luscious juicy grapes to share with friends and family.

The truths presented are timeless because they are based on God's word. They are as fresh today as they will be in 20 or 30 years. This is a book to treasure, re-read and pass down to the next generation. Lives will be changed, and God's love will begin to truly shine through those who will embrace and live out the truths of God's Word.

As the author explains, her book contains a vast and varied range of messages.

“Within these pages there is a word of affirmation, conviction, a call to passion and purpose, encouragement, and a clearer vision of the absolute purity of God's love. It is everyone's story line because as Christians we are called to grow in the grace and glory of Jesus,” says Hegelein.

A colleague, Mary Koster, affirms, “Readers will be deeply nurtured in their faith. They will find comfort in pain, hope in despair, understanding in isolation, consolation in disappointment, correction in complacency, grace in lack, joy in trials, and revelation in confusion.”

At its helm, Hegelein believes her book with bring readers closer to God.

“These devotions dig deeper, and tweak the heart's passions. They will reignite a stale faith and promote a more passionate relationship with Jesus and God,” she adds.

Critics are poised to praise the author for her diligent work, as well the life-changing potential her book displays. With thousands expected to purchase the title, time will tell just how powerful daily devotions can really be.

‘Throwing Grapes and Moving Mountains: A Devotional Journey for the Hungry Heart’, published by WestBow Press, is available from Amazon: http://amzn.to/YWINK6

The author can also be followed on Twitter: @janhegelein

About Hegelein
Hegelein’s role as a local prayer leader in Community Bible Study has opened the door for both her intercessor’s spirit and scripturally-based writings to minister to many women. Her ability to glean insight from the Bible has touched hearts and inspired many in their walk with Christ. She has ministered in Bible study groups for over twenty years and is passionate about sharing God’s love with others. She lives in Michigan with her husband. They have three grown children.