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ThunderBolt SSD Drive Website Features Ultra-Fast Apple Backup Products


Palm Springs, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/02/2014 -- Apple computer tech blogger MacGizmoGuy aka Russell T. Baer announces the launch of a website dedicated to covering the rapidly growing market for Apple compatible ThunderBolt interface solid-state SSD storage peripherals.

With the adoption of extremely high speed ThunderBolt ports across all of Apple’s current computer line, there's growing interest in Mac backup drives and storage accessories to take full advantage of them. A ThunderBolt port provides over a twenty-fold leap in speed over previous generation USB 2.0 devices and features a wide array of the latest external SSD drives ready to take advantage of it.

Apple and Intel’s high speed ThunderBolt interface is a perfect match for ultra-fast solid-sate SSD computer storage drive technology. Never before have Mac users been able to backup or transfer files at such unprecedented speeds. Free from the mechanical lag and latencies of conventional mechanical hard drives, flash memory based SSD technology offers swift and silent operation with lower power consumption and less heat dissipation.

“Every Mac user has likely canceled a scheduled TimeMachine backup or put off performing a large data transfer until a more convenient time,” says Baer. “Such backups or file copies often tend to interrupt at the most inopportune moments, put a perceptible strain on your computer’s CPU, or take so long to perform that critical backups can feel annoying. Now, the combination of blazing fast SSD technology rip-snorting through an insanely fast ThunderBolt port makes Mac file copies and backups trivial.”

The ThunderBolt ports on recent Mac computers have longed for affordable data storage products for the average consumer. The initial ThunderBolt drive offerings that came to market were rather high end, multi-drive arrays geared towards demanding professional video editing environments and enterprise storage needs. They were largely unaffordable and overkill for the typical Mac user.

As the wider adoption of ThunderBolt has ensued, an increasing number of far more reasonably priced ThunderBolt hard drive options reached the consumer market. However, these single drive solutions based on a mechanical spinning platter drive just weren’t fast enough to even begin to fill a fraction of a ThunderBolt port’s 10Gbps data pipeline. Flash memory based solid-state SSD drives are a far better match for ThunderBolt’s bandwidth prowess, and for many, worth every cent to make data archiving and file recoverability swift and painless. With SSD drives now in capacities as large as 1 Terabyte and prices falling towards fifty cents per Gigabyte, SSD’s no longer imply a tradeoff in storage capacity to handle large amounts of data.

Want to experience extremely fast and painless system backups and file copies on your Macintosh computer? Visit and learn more about the various SSD ThunderBolt storage products and price points for insuring your personal or business data is safe and recoverable — Faster than ever before!

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