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Thy Divine Witness: Powerful New Book Reawakens the Soul - Through 'Arsenal' of Cosmic Divine Healing Power

Written by Nefertari O'Neal, ‘Thy Divine Witness: Physician, Heal Thyself! Luke 4:23’ compels readers to reconnect with their inner God/Creator. By providing unique food for each individual human soul, O’Neal’s bold wisdom and teachings are poised to help millions eradicate negativity and live an enlightened life with true happiness.


Olympia, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/06/2014 -- While millions are searching for a life of greater joy and balance, life’s seemingly unavoidable chaos and negativities cloud the waters for most. However, fusing history and faith, a compelling new book by Nefertari O'Neal invites readers to return their soul to its true innocence and peace by way of their divine witness.

‘Thy Divine Witness: Physician, Heal Thyself! Luke 4:23’ is meticulously researched and composed to help readers uncover life’s greatest gift – the grand inner divine-spark of GOD-self that is seated within the heart of everyone.


“Thy Divine Witness” is a soul’s reawakening experience of a conversation with the creator of humanity…prior to its descent down into earthly flesh.

The reader soon finds they are within a one-on-one conversation with their chosen Creator. In dialogue, the writer takes the reader back into humanity’s ‘soul roots’ and gently explains the soul’s purpose for existing upon earth.

As the author explains, every human deserves a reawakening to the grand fact that there are DIVINE metaphysical principles behind why their soul is on planet Earth.

“The first thing people need to do is to let go of all of the negativity that is holding them back, be it from past hurts, abuse, low self-esteem or any other source. They must then open their inner levels of mind consciousness to allow a mergence of the ego into the supreme conscious waters of mind - eradicating and dissolving inner fear, negativity, doubt, self-harming habits,” says O’Neal, who served over two decades in the United States Navy.

She continues, “I suppose the book can be classed a Metaphysical parable of conversation between the soul and its almighty creator. It’s a siren call to all Earth inhabitants that the greatest love of all is SELF LOVE. This is something most live their entire lives without realizing. When they do so, they can pursue a life of true harmony.”

O'Neal also exposes readers to the ‘Light Mind’, an immensely-powerful concept few are familiar with.

“My book gives the metaphysical revelation that each human being possesses this Light Mind, which consists of packaged PHOTONS in which can be displayed all 'inner creations' within beautiful colors upon the mind's screen. This alone can help each soul to rediscover its inner divine reason/purpose for this life,” she adds.

With the book’s popularity increasing, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

‘Thy Divine Witness: Physician, Heal Thyself! Luke 4:23’, published by Trafford Publishing, is available now: http://amzn.to/1iwGWEk.

About Nefertari O’Neal
Nefertari O’Neal recently retired after serving 22yrs on active duty in the United States Navy. She managed to divide her free time and earn a degree in Theology as well as publishing numerous poems and short stories as a freelance writer. She is presently in the final research phase toward earning her doctorate degree in Metaphysical Science. Nefertari believes that humanity must reexamine their inner soul innocence in order to enter smoothly the planetary utopia destined for all inhabitants. Yes, a heaven come down to earth!