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Tier 3 Marketing Services Launches Direct Marketing Blog Offering Pro Marketing Tactics

Tier 3 Marketing, based in Scottsdale Arizona, are specialists in direct marketing and on their new blog plan to share some of their knowledge on what creates an effective and successful campaign.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/10/2013 -- Marketing for business is the difference between creating a start-up that becomes a multinational company and taking a multinational into administration. The keys to success are many and subtle, which creates a demand for expert marketing consultancies among businesses of all sizes. Tier 3 Marketing Group are one of the most successful strategic marketers in the US, using a combination of innovative and effective customer acquisition campaigns and novel twists on established strategies to create an unforgettable impression on potential customers. They recently created an online blog sharing their unique perspective with the world at large.

The blog covers a wide variety of topics related to business marketing, espousing the virtues of personal engagement over automation, the importance of upselling, the way to use business partnering effectively in building a reputation and the ways in which domain name choices shape business futures in the 21st century.

Many speciality topics are covered as well, including direct mail marketing, which is a unique strength of Tier 3 thanks to their unique approach of creating hand-written envelopes for marketing materials, which has been shown to drastically increase the level of reader engagement against automated printing. The blog introduces many such key differences in the Tier 3 strategy so that potential clients can understand their approach.

A spokesperson for Tier 3 Marketing explained, “We have created our new marketing blog to share just some of the ways in which we advise our professional client list in creating an effective marketing strategy. The blog contains posts on everything from the fundamentals of effective communication with a target audience to the nuances of social media marketing and its continuing evolution. On the blog, small businesses can get a feel for what they should be doing and businesses interested in hiring us can see that we are an authority on effective and successful campaigns.”

About Tier 3 Marketing Group
Tier 3 seeks to offer a truly comprehensive range of marketing services to clients, ranging from direct mail design and delivery to providing call center services and turnkey marketing solutions. Their new blog aims to share some of their secrets to success with businesses around the globe so they can get a head start in marketing effectively. For more information visit http:/