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Tier One National, in Partnership with Annuity Straight Talk, Announces New Options for Retirement Investing

Strategic Partnership between Tier One and Annuity Straight Talk Offers Benefits Unavailable a Few Years Ago Through the Use of Hybrid Annuities


Whitefish, MT -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/18/2013 -- Tier One National, an online brand management company, today announced a strategic partnership with Annuity Straight Talk. Simon Harris of Tier One released this statement to the public: “Retirement investors remain limited in their investment choices due to low rates and high volatility risks. With the help of guaranteed income options, retirement funding becomes easier. One of our strategic partners, Annuity Straight Talk, is now posed to offer more choices in this area.”

According to Mr. Harris, Annuity Straight Talk provides unbiased information and advice concerning guaranteed income options for retirement. "They produce plans with financial security and guaranteed output, regardless of market fluctuations, by making use of innovative insurance strategies.” Click here to learn more about high yield fixed income investments offering unparalleled safety.

According to Nathaniel Pulsifer of Annuity Straight Talk, hybrid annuities combine multiple benefits into a single contract. “When you purchase a hybrid annuity, you receive the benefits of both immediate and deferred contracts. Some hybrid contracts may offer an additional life insurance component.” Annuity Straight Talk goes into detail on the various hybrid annuities available and the benefits of each type on their website.

Secondary market annuity purchases give investors another option when it comes to retirement funding. "As one of the world's largest providers of secondary market annuities, we work to find investors the right fit for their retirement needs. Investors feel comfortable knowing we have a wide range of products to meet various income requirements," Mr. Pulsifer states.

Annuity Straight Talk completed millions of dollars of closed business in 2012 alone and is insurance licensed. Offering an industry leading selection of secondary market annuities, indexed annuities and hybrid annuities, the company offers unbiased information on the benefits and risks of annuities along with how they may or may not fit into an investor's personal financial situation.

"We help investors find the solution which best meets their personal needs. To accomplish this, we determine baseline income needs as this tells us how much income the client must plan for. Once this has been done, we bring together the sources needed to meet this income level. Our goal is to ensure clients have what they need to enjoy retirement fully," Mr. Pulsifer declares.

About AnnuityStraightTalk:
Annuity Straight Talk provides unbiased information on retirement income planning, including annuities. An honest needs assessment is the first step in retirement income planning or the rational de-cumulation of wealth. Determining the base income needs of the client requires an honest needs assessment to ensure the right guaranteed income sources are found. Income sources range from social security and insurance to annuities designed to fill gaps in the baseline income needs of clients. Annuity Straight Talk focuses on ensuring clients have the money needed to enjoy retirement fully.

About Tier One National:
Tier One National help brands extend their brands both Nationally and Internationally. They use media channels and manual outreach to enhance a brands penetration and influence within their target market.