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Tier3 Marketing Solutions Move Direct Mail Campaigns in House for Greater Quality Assurance

Consultancy now handles the design of mailing campaigns internally, creating hand addressed, personally delivered mail for clients.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/19/2013 -- Mail marketing can be a delicate challenge to navigate successfully, with the vast majority of direct mail marketing being thrown in the trash by recipients with no more than a cursory glance. Those that approach direct mail marketing differently have often found that the key to recipient engagement and subsequent customer creation is the personal touch. That’s why Tier3 Marketing have moved all their direct mail marketing campaigns in house from beginning to end, including hand addressed envelopes for campaigns designed from the ground up by Tier3 on behalf of their clients.

The company has offered direct mail marketing for years, but this change in strategy has paid dividends both for the company and for their clients, who have seen a massive increase in response rates as a result of having personalized mail. The decision to shift was made in response to trend analysis of successful marketing, which has moved away from blanket gestures and back toward individuals.

The company, which also offers call center marketing services and incentivized marketing strategies for businesses that wish to increase their exposure through multiple media approaches, has made bold claims as to the success of their newest strategy.

A spokesperson for Tier3 Marketing explained, “We’ve run the numbers across some pretty extensive trials and discovered that our instincts were correct- the difference between hand addressed mail and mass mail shots is huge. Hand addressed mail can see up to a 99.2% open rate among recipients and has been shown to boost response and enquiry by 300%. The personalized letters we create are the most effective form of direct mail marketing for any size of campaign, as well as making significant savings compared to alternative solutions offering similar response rates. We believe that investment is useless unless it’s smart investment, and our campaigns are tactically devised to maximize their impact.”

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