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Tigarette Goes Green and Other Colors with Customizable Tanks


Eastvale, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/22/2014 -- Tigarette is one of the most flexible designs for e-cigarettes available in today's market. Not only does Tigarette, located on the web at, provide trendy designs and colors, customers can also contributed to a greener environment by utilizing these products.

Tigarette is a retailer and wholesaler for many electronic cigarettes and products such as e-juice and vaporizers. However, unlike many of the other e-cigarettes or vaporizing products on the market today, Tigarette offers a wide variety of choices not only in flavors of e-juice but also in styles of electronic capsules and batteries, including colors. This allows Tigarette users to choose their own particular look and use their Tigarette products as a fashion accessory as well as a great way to help the environment.

Electronic cigarettes are being recognized as one of the best ways to build a healthier and greener lifestyle. Unlike tobacco products, e-cigarettes give off no offensive odor when "smoked" and allow the user to control the amount of nicotine delivered to the system from none to a high content. Further, vaporizing cigarettes leave no ash, no residue and no debris to clutter up the environment. In every way, electronic cigarettes are a cleaner, healthier alternative to tobacco products.

Tigarette brings e-cigarettes, accessories and other vaporizing products to a world-wide audience. Not only does Tigarette strive to maintain the highest standards in product and selections, but the visitors to the website at will currently find 30 percent off all products storewide. This unique opportunity will allow those who want to try out e-cigarettes or introduce them to friends and family to do so at a low introductory cost.

About Tigarette
Tigarette is an electronic cigarette product that offers flexible options for users, including customizable tanks and batteries so that those who enjoy vaporizing cigarettes can choose individual colors and styles. Tigarette is committed to offering the highest quality in all of is electronic cigarette products and backs all of its items with a complete satisfaction guarantee to ensure that customers enjoy their vaporizing cigarettes and accessories.

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