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Tile Flooring Is a Good Option for a Hectic Lifestyle


Clearwater, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/31/2012 -- “If you’ve moved into a house with soft wood floors and you have an active family, plus pets, you might want to consider redoing the floors to something that takes just about anything you throw at it,” said Dean Dupre, owner of Champion Tile, a Tampa flooring and tile installation company. His suggestion? Tile.

Life is about balance. For many parents, that balance means more time with family and less time spent cleaning the house. For those who want a virtually care-free floor, one option that performs like a trooper is tile flooring. It’s easier to clean and more stain-resistant than carpet. “With tile, you just need to pass the mop a time or two and perhaps sweep now and then, which takes minimal time out of the day, leaving more quality time with the family,” said Dupre.

Tile flooring is well noted for its longevity, so in reality, it pays back the cost of installation over the years it stays looking good and remaining functional. It is typically years before tiles crack or need grouting cleaned. In other words, tile flooring is a good investment that will carry forward its good looks, even if you sell your house at some point.

Tile flooring installation offers a wide range of choices from tiny tiles to larger formats. “It depends on the look you want,” said Dupre. “The size of the tile you choose can change how big a room looks. Plus, there is a virtually endless selection of patterns and colors to coordinate with your decor.”

Another great benefit of tile flooring is the lower cost compared to other materials. “If your budget is really tight, go for the tile flooring and install it yourself. If you get stuck or have questions before you get started, check with a flooring company and get straight answers so your job goes well,” said Dupre.