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Tilghman Builders, Inc. Reveals New Insight Into Why Adding a Garage Is Worth It


Churchville, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/12/2013 -- Many homeowners contemplate adding on a garage to their property, wondering if it is a wise investment to add on such a large addition to the home. The contractors of Bucks County at Tilghman Builders, Inc., have recently revealed a new and professional insight into why adding on a garage is worth it. For starters, many neighborhoods depending on where one lives, do not have the luxury of having a garage. Whether it is attached or detached, many homeowners have to settle for having a shed to store their outdoor furniture, lawn equipment, etc.

The professional contractors at Tilghman Builders find many advantages when it comes to adding on a garage to the property. They have the ability to protect one’s car during the harsh winters, unpredictable snowstorms, flooding, and sometimes, even hurricanes. A garage will be able to keep one’s car out of harms way. Not only that, but the value of the car will remain intact and look like new for a longer period of time. So, no more shoveling the car out of the snow or brushing it off.

One of the main concerns for those looking to buy a home is “will there be enough storage?” While there may be an attic space, depending on the home a garage enables much easier access to tools, or items one may need throughout the year. Whether one is storing their seasonal holiday ornaments or just need an extra workspace, an additional garage that will fit all of one’s belongings comfortably is a great investment. For homes that do not have an attic or basement to store their items, they may be living in clutter with limited closet space to hide their goods.

Along with all of these benefits, Tilghman Builders, Inc. has found that property value increases. When done properly, they can be an absolute beautiful addition to the home making it appear larger than it really is. When buyers are searching for their dream home having a garage put in could be the one deciding factor that makes them choose one home over another. The Bucks County contractors have found that garage additions are valuable not only for the existing owner, but for future buyers as well. For those who are interested in garage additions contact Tilghman Builders today or visit their website to view their gallery of exquisite garages they have built.

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