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Tiller Media Group Releases Information About the Psychology of Web Design

Four areas offer the most impact when it comes to website development and design, reports TillerWebDesign.com


Des Moines, IA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/11/2015 -- Squarespace recently published information on the psychology of website design and development and this is information Tiller Media Group, a Web Design Des Moines firm, feels needs to be shared with clients promptly. They identified four areas that affect the mood, experience and attitude of visitors to the site. With this information, clients working with Tiller Web Media will find they obtain better outcomes from the web design and development process.

"The four areas identified by Squarespace are content, color, space and typography. Each influences the visitor in a different way, yet all four work together to create the overall experience. Website designers need to remember this at all times, to ensure a great site is created, and those at Tiller Media do exactly this," Steve Hudspeth, spokesperson for Tiller Media Group, announces.

Content continues to be the most important thing when it comes to a company's website, yet design needs to be factored in also. Visitors to the site want to be able to find the information they are after, and the design process needs to facilitate this. Content should be concise, professional, organized, clean and easy to read. This is where typography comes into play.

"The typography selected influences the visitor by drawing out emotions and feelings. Many individuals never stop to think about the typography on a web page, yet it does make a difference. A simple change can lead to positive results, and an experienced web designer helps companies find the right typography for their business site," Hudspeth continues.

Colors for a website tend to be decided by a company's brand or logo, often referred to as the visual identity. The visual identity typically contains neutral colors along with main colors. In the website, the neutral colors provide a rest for the eyes. The other colors attract attention, with cool colors providing a relaxed, professional feeling and warm ones a soothing sense of creativity. Care must be taken to ensure the right image is being projected with these colors, and space is needed so the visitor doesn't feel overwhelmed or walk away with a negative opinion of the company. The right web designer understands this.

"Obviously Des Moines SEO remains of great importance, as customers need to be able to find a website before they can be influenced by it. Tiller Media Group assists clients in the optimization of sites to ensure they get noticed by the target audience. Contact us today for a free marketing consultation, complete with comprehensive research and an in-depth online marketing services blueprint," Hudspeth recommends.

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