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Tim Unqin Joins as the Chief Product Officer (CPO) at

He hopes to bring fresh ideas based on his experience in travel technology


Kensington, London -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/10/2018 -- With Tim Unqin joining Meeting Suites as the CPO, the entity has become one of the most sought after ones for booking spaces for meetings and events. It is an entity that helps Companies who sponsor such events in saving expenses. Since there is no intermediary involved, the whole process is simplified.

For most of the Companies, time and money are of the essence. All those that provide products and services to their clients need to do so without any delays, saving costs in the process. The enterprises that hold meetings across varied locations need to consider these aspects too. Instead of spending a lot of time in planning meetings and looking for hotels, they can put their efforts to better use by focusing on their clients' requirements. is one such entity that facilitates Companies by providing venue directories to the users. It is a platform in which interested people can choose the relevant hotel and book it for a stipulated time period directly. There is no need to outsource the task to any event management company. This reduces the overall cost as there is no need to invite tenders and go through the whole pain striking process of picking up the relevant meeting space.

According to Tim Unqin, "It is a pleasure to be a part of such a passionate team. I hope to give my best to the Company. With my experience in product management and business development, I will be able to improve on the existing system and make sure that it is more customer-friendly. We aim to become the future of meetings distribution. Our goal is to create a comprehensive meetings reservation system. An embedded booking engine that enables real time data access via the Meeting Suite's API is our ultimate product."

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The website claims that there are many new features which are being implemented in the near future so as to make the system better. The senior management team is currently working on finalizing these so that the customer experience is improved and people are able to access mid - sized hotels just by clicking on a few buttons.

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