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Timberlake Truss Works Designs and Manufactures Completely Custom Trusses in the Midwest


Helena, OK -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/01/2014 -- When it comes to constructing a home or commercial building of some kind, custom trusses can be quite useful for a variety of reasons. One of the primary benefits of custom trusses is that they prevent damage to the building materials due to inclement weather. Construction crews that use custom trusses will not have to worry about the wood warping after being exposed to rain for prolonged periods of time. Most custom trusses are made in a climate controlled space to ensure that moisture does not become a problem.


Custom trusses can also be beneficial because of their unique aesthetics. Those who want a new house built will find that these trusses can really make all the difference when it comes to how it looks. With these trusses the possibilities are endless, so they can be designed in many different ways. Those who want stone accents or mullioned windows for their home will most likely want to have custom trusses used in the construction of it. These trusses do not come with the same kind of limitations as traditional roofs, so they can be extended much more easily.

Saving Money

Yet another benefit of custom trusses is that they are generally far less expensive than using traditional roofing materials. No matter what type of structure is being built, custom trusses are definitely an economic option which should be considered. With traditional roofs, a crew of professionals needs to assemble and build them, which can cost quite a bit of money. Those who are looking to save as much money as possible on construction costs will certainly want to think about this option.

Those who are looking for the best wood trusses in Stillwater OK will want to consider what  Timberlake Truss Works  has to offer. This company has years of experience when it comes to making beautiful and sturdy custom trusses to meet the specific needs of their clients. From the initial design and conception of the trusses to manufacturing and delivery, Timberlake Truss Works is a very well-known and highly respected business when it comes to these services. The professionals that make up this company have the skills and experience to back up their claims of being the very best in the entire Stillwater area. When it comes right down to it, custom trusses are an excellent investment for any construction project, no matter what kind it is or the size.

About Timberlake Truss Works
Timberlake Truss Works is a local Oklahoma truss company creating trusses for any and every structure. Timberlake specializes in quality truss design and manufacturing. Everything is completely customized for the project with the use of precise computers. The team always selects the choicest lumber for structural soundness and functionality. Timberlake Truss Works is a family business, and when you do business with us, you’re always family.

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