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Timberlake Truss Works Now Provides the Entire State of Oklahoma with Quality Wood Trusses


Helena, OK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/20/2014 -- Wood trusses offer a level of structural support that is extremely effective and used by many different construction companies throughout the country. These trusses are vastly superior to other types of structural framing because they are capable of covering a larger distance than joist framing and have an extremely flexible design. Another benefit of wood trusses is that they make it much easier for those who install them to fit mechanical as well as electrical components inside the flooring or roof framing.

Timberlake Truss Works is expanding to provide wood trusses to meet the construction needs of businesses in the Oklahoma area. When it comes to getting the very best Oklahoma trusses, this company is far and away the best choice in the entire state. With years of experience and a staff of skilled workers, Timberlake Truss Works is widely regarded as one of the best companies for building wood trusses. Those who need these trusses will find that they can be designed for specific sizes to meet their specific requirements.

There are many advantages to using wood trusses when building almost any type of structure, simply because they are custom designed, extremely durable, and can be built to almost any shape. These trusses can be made in such a way as to use a low-profile design which is perfectly suited for flat roofs and floors. Wood trusses are even sometimes used for arch-shaped or cathedral roofs. The trusses that are used in the construction of a building are important for a number of reasons, including the fact that they are what is responsible for the overall integrity of the structure.

As one of Oklahoma’s premier manufacturers of wood trusses, Timberlake Truss Works is proud to serve this area and provide its residents with their services. Designing and building wood trusses can be difficult work which requires a great deal of skill, which is why the professionals that make up this company are so well-suited for this type of work. The professionals at Timberlake Truss Works have a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to working with wood trusses and can take on projects of all different types and sizes. Those who need a solid structure built will want to look into the services this company has to offer the major areas within the state of Oklahoma before deciding who they want to entrust with this work -

About Timberlake Truss Works
Timberlake Truss Works is a local Oklahoma truss company creating trusses for any and every structure. Timberlake specializes in quality truss design and manufacturing. Everything is completely customized for the project with the use of precise computers. The team always selects the choicest lumber for structural soundness and functionality. Timberlake Truss Works is a family business, and when you do business with us, you’re always family.

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