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Timberlake Truss Works Speeds Up Home Construction with Speedy Truss Manufacturing


Helena, OK -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/10/2014 -- Designing and building is exciting and stressful process. The ability to craft a home from nothing is exhilarating, but finding the best contractor, materials, land and hoping for a smooth building process can cause anyone to stress.

Luckily, Timberlake Truss Works takes the stress out of the truss design and manufacturing process. Timberlake designs and develops quality  wood trusses in Oklahoma  for any new home. Homeowners can rest assured that the team of truss experts takes care of everything in the manufacturing process and then completes every order with direct shipping to the project site.

Building a home is a task of exceptional complexity, and therefore, one often left to professionals. But in spite of this fact, most homes in America are built to uniform specifications, due largely to a set of uniform building codes that apply across the country. Price is also a consideration for the decision of whether or not someone wants to build a house as professional builders can produce reliable housing quickly at a low cost.

There are many steps in the construction of a house. The following examples are how most homes are produced in America:

-Get the approval through local municipality to build a home
-Level land/Grading
-Build foundation
-Frame construction
-Roof and truss construction
-Apply the exterior siding
-Run the initial electrical wiring
-A rough application of plumbing underlayment
-Insulation installation
-Trim and paint the home
-Finish electrical
-Install cabinetry
-Finish Plumbing
-Install flooring
-Electrical completion
-Complete the installation of heating and air systems
-Connection to the main water system
-Connection to the main sewer/installation of a septic system

Most of the time, a wide-range of subcontractors are employed in the development of a home. These independent contractors all specialize in different fields of home construction. The coordinator of all of the sub contractors is the general contractor, who oversees the project. The contractor is also responsible for the construction of the home being completed within a specified time period.

Although the time for building a home varies from case to case, the average house takes roughly seven months to complete. The amount of time depends on the contractors involved and their processes. Timberlake works directly with general contractors to guarantee speedy development of trusses as to not slow the construction process.

As soon as  Timberlake Truss Works  receives an order for trusses, they guarantee two weeks or less for manufacturing and delivery of custom trusses. They value customer’s time, as the construction process needs to be quick but not careless.

About Timberlake Truss Works
Timberlake Truss Works is a local Oklahoma truss company creating trusses for any and every structure. Timberlake specializes in quality truss design and manufacturing. Everything is completely customized for the project with the use of precise computers. The team always selects the choicest lumber for structural soundness and functionality. Timberlake Truss Works is a family business, and when you do business with us, you’re always family.

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