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Time and Calendar Decoded: New Book Tackles Complicated and Controversial Setting of Time. Also discover the glitches in Time

Bishop Lonnie Braswell’s latest book unravels the mystery of time to grab the attention of scholars, scientists, and historians.


Rocky Mount, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/27/2012 -- Bishop Dr. Braswell, respected and intellectual Bishop, today announces the launch of his latest book – Time and Calendar Decoded.

The book explores why it is important to know the proper time and calendar dates for many of the events that took place in the bible. Targeting events such as Adams creation date by the first biblical calendar, it gives a mathematical formula for researching time, the correct date of the flood of Noah, the correct date of the separating of continents and the correct birthday of Christ.

The book also offers a rich journey through time itself. It explains where time started, with the concept of Adam at 360 days per year, as well as the changing of time at the beginning of ‘the flood’ by the falling of the earth on its axis to 365.25 days per year.

“Most historians who have done research into time used the bible to establish it as their foundation for their time studies. Through past researchers we have found that the bible has the correct course for the setting of the time,” explains Dr. Braswell.

He continues, “By using the Old Testament and then the New Testament, we can establish the right timing for this day we live in.”

The book is already garnering rave reviews.

“This book will be a great resource for those that loves biblical information and that many people will love to read this information, and the readers will have to comb through the information in this book, that they may perceive what have been written for their understanding of what is being said,” says a reviewer at West Bow Press.

The book tackles some of the controversies that time has created throughout the ages. For example, many scholars have long determined that the present day calendar is out of timing, due to mistakes that were made through past researchers.

“The bible is the source that can set the time clock back in order. Many have known and have spoken that we use Israel’s birthday, May 14, 1948, for the setting of the time clock. This concept has been troublesome for me as I understand the controversial issue of the setting of time,” Dr. Braswell adds.

Therefore, the book takes readers, step-by-step, on a journey into the proper setting of time. Offering the unfolding of the biblical mysteries of time, it shows the reader how the world moved from 360 days per year to 365.25 days per year, and how we got the summer and winter seasons, which didn’t exist before the flood.

In all, the work makes it clear that the earth must be reposition back to its original place before the tribulation period begins.

Time and Calendar Decoded, by Bishop Lonnie M. Braswell, is published by West Bow Publishing and can be purchased now from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Further information can also be obtained from http://www.mylightofpeace.org

About the Author: Bishop Braswell
Bishop Braswell is the founder and pastor of the Light of Peace Missionary Baptist Church in Rocky Mount, NC. The church has been in existence for 20 years.

He also served as Moderator for the Progressive Tar River Association for approximately six years. Bishop Braswell has travelled throughout the country and to Africa serving as a Missionary. He is the overseer of a church in Kenya, Africa. He has travelled to both Africa and Israel.

In July of 2005, Bishop Braswell received his Honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree from Eastern North Carolina Theological Institute in Roanoke Rapids, NC. On August 27, 2006, Pastor Braswell was consecrated to the office of Bishop by the Believers in Christ Empowerment Fellowship.