Time Killer by Todd M. Thiede - a Gripping New Crime Thriller About a Time Obsessed Serial Killer

Time Killer by Todd M. Thiede is an intense journey of action and suspense featuring an impatient time obsessed killer who is set out to get his revenge on people who wasted his time.


Elgin, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/14/2013 -- Todd M. Thiede is a part time writer from Elgin. His passion for writing and vivid imagination has led him to write one of the best crime thrillers of the year. Time Killer is the first book of Max Larkin Detective series that revolves around Detective Max Larkin and his new partner Jesse Fairlane as they work on an intriguing murder case. A serial killer is on the loose, brutally murdering people who have wasted his time in one way or the other. Max Larkin and his partner are left with nothing but one single clue. The murderer writes “Time Waster” on the wall with the victim’s blood. With this clue the duo will have to unravel the mystery behind every murder and get close to trapping the killer.

The author opens the book creatively with a tied up policeman who witnesses a savage murder of his family. With every turn of the page, readers are gripped by the chilling mystery that surrounds every murder. It is a simple every day event in life that we wait at the grocery line while someone argues about the price at the counter wasting the time of everyone else in the line. We lose patience waiting in the drive through as the person in front takes forever to place his order. The author takes this simple concept and turns it into the main theme of his crime novel. The angry impatient murderer from Rockton, Illinois is affected by the simple concept that people are wasting his time. He gets rid of them by murdering these so called ‘time wasters’.

“Time Killer grabbed me by the hair; giving me front-row passes to a jaw-droopingly brutal murder scene executed by a deranged killer on page one”-- Brie McGill on

“Wow. Time Killer is an absolutely fantastic crime thriller. Great story line, well defined characters, interesting twists, I can just keep going on and on about the book. The book is a feast for all crime readers” – Abigail. S

Time Killer is an absolute treat for every crime thriller lover. The hard cover, paperback and kindle edition of this fast paced crime fiction is available on amazon and Barnes & Noble

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