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Time-Lapse Movie Localized Shows You Places and Nature Like Never Before


Minneapolis, MN -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/04/2013 -- M. C. Wehrle and Martin M. Muller have been producing time lapse films since 2006. Since then, the team has made more than 1,000 timelapse. “Timelapsing has definitely become our passion, our life,” says Wehrle. Now, they are set to release Localized, a full-length movie production.

According to Wehrle, time lapse films are not only fun to watch. They also pack so much action of a wide time frame for a short period of time. This allows you to see things and details you would not usually notice or recognize. Localized will show cities, places and nature in a remarkably unique way and views many have not seen before. It is a fun and interesting movie to watch and is sure to make you appreciate the strange, varied beauty that surrounds you.

Wehrle and his team have continuously improved their workflow and brought “time-lapsing” to a higher level. They promise a feature film that is high-definition, vivid, engaging and just wonderful.

Their cameras have virtually gone through a lot of hell with them, Wehrle recalls. The past years, they have traveled all over the world for perfect pictures, which gave them the idea of making a film out of all their footage. They got the support of their friends and other people who saw all their footage and told them that their material would make a great film. They started sorting out their best shots and continued to travel for more footage. They are currently in the middle of producing the movie.

The movie has been completely self-funded. They were able to partner with an airline to reduce their travel expenses. They have also had special access to rooftops worldwide for views that not everybody would get to see. Still, there are places that they want to cover. And as they progress, their expenses are getting bigger and bigger.

They have launched an Indiegogo campaign in order to add to their personal funds and to cover their growing expenses and to finally produce the product of their passion—the fill length time-lapse movie, Localized. The proceeds are set to cover the costs of post-processing, color correction, music, gear rentals, travel expenses, mastering, some visual effects, and other expenses.

You can visit their Indiegogo campaign, like their Facebook page, follow them on Twitter, or visit their website to be updated of their progress and find out how to help them release Localized.