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Time-Lapse Video Reveals Stunning Beauty of Kyrgysztan Countryside


Huntsville, AL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/09/2014 -- A new time-lapse video created by an online travel agency reveals the hidden splendor of the Kyrgysztan countryside in late summer.

Silk Road Explore, a travel agency specializing in Kyrgysztan adventure trips,hired a professional video production company to produce a time-lapse video of some of Kyrgysztan’s most pristine natural landscapes.The video takes viewers on a breathless and visually rich tour of some of the country’s most magnificent scenes, from the shores of the Ak-Say salt lake to the Grigoryevskoe Canyon, the Kokomeren River and much more. The video allows the viewer to take in crystal lakes, foggy marshes, green river valleys, majestic mountains and expansive night skies filled with countless stars.

“Nature in Kyrgyzstan: Silk Road Beauty Caught with Time Lapse” can be viewed on YouTube at The short video captures some of the area’s most sublime landscapes in vivid, rich time-lapse photography.

Silk Road Explore’s time lapse video showcases why Kyrgyzstan's natural beauty makes it such a rare jewel in Asia.The video highlights Kyrgyzstan's appeal as a travel destination for nature enthusiasts. From mountains to canyons, lakes, rivers, reservoirs and rock formations, Kyrgyzstan has everything necessary for an epic road trip on the Silk Road.

Kyrgyzstan is a country in central Asia with a lush, gorgeous natural terrain just waiting to be explored by eco-tourists and adventurers of all kinds. The country, situated east of China and south of Kazakhstan, is 90 percent mountainous and is thus nicknamed "the Alps of Central Asia." Kyrgyzstan is filled with nearly 2,000 crystalline alpine lakes scattered throughout the country, the most popular of which is Lake Issyk Kul, a warm lake that never freezes. Lake Issyk Kul is the second largest alpine lake in the world with an area of 6,236 km² (2,408 square miles).

Kyrgyzstan’s untouched natural terrain is becoming an appealing destination for all kinds of travelers, from winter sports enthusiasts to those who love trekking, exploring and camping through the warmer months. Travelers everywhere are discovering that Kyrgyzstanis a diamond in the rough, or as the people of Kyrgyzstan call it, "the Pearl of Central Asia."

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