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"Time, Space and All of Us" – A Presentation by Serge Benhayon


Goonellabah, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/29/2015 -- In a world flooded with grand ideas that often go unrealised, meeting a man who truly walks his talk is a rarity indeed. But not, it would seem, an impossibility.

On August 2nd, internationally renowned philosopher, teacher and author Serge Benhayon brings 'Time, Space and all of us' to Leichardt Town Hall, presenting on his eighth published book, Time.

If ever there is a man to listen to about time, Serge Benhayon would be that man.

Since 1999, Serge Benhayon's relationship with time has allowed him to achieve what most would consider impossible, pioneering seven healing modalities, publishing 8 books, presenting workshops, talks and retreats to audiences around the globe almost every other weekend, establishing and running an award-winning complementary-to-medicine healing clinic, becoming a consultant for a number of large corporate businesses, raising a healthy and connected family, as well as volunteering his time for a number of community projects, all the while not once showing an ounce of the drive or the stress usually characteristic of someone who works so much.

"Time", says Serge Benhayon, "is not linear in the way we have been brought up to understand it. Time can be known and experienced as space. When you come to know the spaciousness of each moment it is almost as if time slows down and there is suddenly a great quality that you can move and work with."

With time management being a familiar buzzword in our busy and fast paced world, and with time related exhaustion on the rise, 'Time, Space and all of us' offers us a new way of understanding our relationship with time, turning it from a struggle into something that can liberate and greatly support us day to day.

A lecture set to redefine every moment in time, 'Time, Space and all of us – A Presentation by Serge Benhayon' will be a unique and groundbreaking exposé on our relationship with time that may just forever change your life.

This is a presentation not to be missed.

MC'ed by renowned Professor of Linguistics William Foley, a limited number of tickets are available for this remarkable Sydney first.

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Event Details:
When: August 2nd 2015
Time: 10am – 1pm
Where: Leichhardt Town Hall
Corner of Marion and Norton Streets, Leichhardt
Tickets $25 available through Try Booking

About Serge Benhayon
Founder of Universal Medicine, Serge Benhayon is a renowned philosopher, practitioner, teacher and trainer of complementary to medicine therapies as well as the author of 8 books to date. His books are rich philosophical works on the Esoteric in life, love and human society.

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About Universal Medicine
Universal Medicine is in the business of delivering teachings that are about everyday self-loving choices. Making these choices gives participants the opportunity to consistently feel lighter, clearer and more naturally vital in their day-to-day lives. The teachings are delivered in the form of lectures, talks, audio and treatment sessions at Universal Medicine clinics. Universal Medicine founder, Serge Benhayon also regularly holds courses, workshops and retreats in Australia and internationally.

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