Time Spent Online Is Set to Overtake Television: DML Responds


Colne, Lancashire -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/24/2016 -- A number of recent reports have drawn attention to the nations changing digital usage; with more people opting for online, rather than television content. This was even revealed as applicable to young people, according to findings from Childwise and their 2016 Monitor Report. Now even for young people the average time spent online is 3 hours, whilst only about 2 hours of television is watched. It is thought that this greater online usage will be at an even more prominent level amongst the adult population; hence there is greater pressure than ever to provide engaging online content across the age ranges. Providing an online experience for multiple audiences is in turn expected to be a big trend for 2016.

Movement away from television and greater online usage also suggests that audiences are looking for more interactive options in their spare time; which popularly include searching for a service and purchasing products. Hence the best websites befitting such a trend are those which utilise exciting, engaging content which pleases a variety of audiences. A prime example of a company aware of the importance of this, and using it for effective online marketing, is DML. They provide a range of related services and a spokesperson had this to say:

"The movement away from television in favour of the internet, especially amongst young people, suggests that people prefer he multimedia-driven immersive experience of being online. In turn, businesses need to correspond to this attitude and ensure that their company websites are as up-to-date and exciting as possible. That is why at DML we help sites to implement a full online marketing strategy."

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