Website Offers Valuable Tips on Time Management, Eliminating Procrastination, and How to Accomplish More Each Day


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/15/2011 -- Twenty-four hours. That is the amount of time every single person in the world has each day to get all of the things done that must be accomplished. From work to play, sleeping to taking care of the family, working out and cleaning house, everyone has exactly 24 hours a day with which to work.

So why is it that some people seem to be constantly on top of everything they need to do while others are always complaining about needing more hours in the day? This question can be best answered in two words: time management.

Asian Efficiency, a blog that was founded by Thanh Pham and Aaron Lynn, is getting a lot of attention for its well-written articles and practical advice that can turn even the most devoted couch potatoes into more organized people who tackle the daily to do lists with enthusiasm and efficiency.

“We revolutionized the time management industry with concepts and techniques nobody has ever talked about before,” Pham said, adding that many people have no idea how to effectively plan and organize their days because no one ever showed them how to do it.

“Time management, efficiency and productivity are some of those things that aren’t taught or really even considered in modern-day business and academic education,” Lynn agreed. “ And so most people end up in a professional setting or as entrepreneurs, struggling to not only keep up with the demands of their work, but also with no idea as to how to efficiently organize their time, their papers, their files and their tasks.”

Using the website is extremely easy, and access to the articles, tips, and podcast is all completely free of charge. The main page suggests that new visitors start out by reading five articles in order about the basics of time management, including the intriguingly-titled “Eat That Frog—Do Your Most Important Tasks In The Morning,” which teaches the notion of getting the most important task done and out of the way first thing in the morning, causing the person to feel extremely productive for the rest of the day.

“Beyond those are our Intermediate and Advanced Guides, which explore concepts and experiments pulled from different disciplines and areas of life, all with the aim of helping you become the most productive you can be,” Pham explained.

Pham and Lynn hope that those who want to “kick their life into high gear” will visit the website, read through the articles on the blog and sign up for the website’s free newsletter.

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