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Tiny House Fair Expected to Draw Huge Crowd of Tiny Fans


Luling, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/04/2014 -- The Tiny House Fair will be the hugest tiny event ever held in the USA, with up to 200 weekend-long participants on October 10-12, 2014, and hundreds more daily visitors at the exhibits. Kicking off the Tiny House Fair will be the debut of the new music video, “My Own Tiny Home.”

Speakers include well known veterans of the tiny house movement such as
- Jay Shafer, tiny house designer and founder of both Tumbleweed Tiny House Company and Four Lights Houses, and
- Lloyd Kahn, tiny house builder and author/editor/publisher of tiny house books since the 1960's, with his most recent book, Tiny Homes on the Move, released July 2014.

In addition, newer tiny house builders will showcase their work, notably
- Steve Areen, designer and builder of a unique dome shaped oasis in Thailand, and
- Tom Greene, founder of ecovillage SoFair Farms in Fairfield, IA.

Presentations will run from 7:00 PM Friday night October 10th through 12:30 PM Sunday afternoon October 12th, with exhibits open until 4:00 PM Sunday.

A full list of speakers and descriptions of topics are published on the Tiny House Community website at http://tinyhousefaircom. Tickets are $300 which includes free tent camping Friday and Saturday nights. Advance registration is required and the fair is expected to sell out this year, as it did last year when held in Vermont at the Yestermorrow Design/Build School.

This year's fair in Luling, Texas, on the grounds of Tiny Texas Houses, will offer attendees an opportunity to learn to build from salvage and gain skills in community organizing. In addition, the fair organizer, Elaine Walker, is in talks with representatives from the new TV series, “Tiny House Nation,” to feature one of the beautiful Tiny Texas houses for sale there.

Says Walker, “Tiny houses have been described disparagingly as trailers for hipsters, but there is truth in that. Tiny houses are not just cheap, small, transportable dwellings. They are lovingly crafted, highly customized homes for people making conscious choices to live in harmony with others and the environment, to live sustainably, to nurture relationships, and to not get caught up in a rat race that leads to an unfulfilling life.”

While zoning regulations and building codes have limited the acceptance of tiny houses to date, Walker says she anticipates regulatory changes in the coming years will allow tiny houses in urban alleys and suburban backyards, enabling tiny houses to tie into existing utilities, and tiny house dwellers to benefit from public transportation. According to Walker, “tiny houses can provide wonderful accommodations for teens, college students, and aging parents, in addition to single adults and couples who want more freedom and less debt.”

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