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Tip Sheet: Capital Industries, Inc. Has 4 Tips to Enhance the Safety of Business' Concrete Flooring

Capital Industries, Inc. has 4 tips to enhance the safety of concrete flooring in the buildings of businesses.


Mattituck, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/05/2017 -- Capital Industries, Inc. is a leading supplier of concrete crack repair and concrete floor repair products for over 30 years. They've proudly served contractors, factories, warehouses, and distribution centers for industrial, institutional, and commercial customers. Capital Industries highlights the benefits of their Repore concrete sealer. This product is used to help businesses enhance the safety of their concrete floors and ensure the optimal performance for many years to come.

1. Resistance to Strong Flooring Impact

Areas where businesses use heavy equipment often see a lot of flooring impact that can damage concrete. Businesses where Repore concrete sealer would be ideal include warehouses. Any businesses that have vehicular traffic, such as forklifts and pallet jacks, would benefit from sealing the concrete flooring. The commercial concrete sealer can retain the flooring's performance for many years.

2. Resistance to Abrasion

Over time, concrete floors are impacted by abrasion. The use of heavy equipment, such as forklifts and pallet jacks, and continuous foot traffic can cause chips in the surface of the concrete that leads to heavier damage. Using an industrial concrete sealer such as Repore provides resistance to high levels of abrasion. When floors are maintained properly, Repore provides resistance to any and all abrasion to industrial flooring.

3. Easy Maintenance for Flooring

Perhaps the biggest draw to using Repore as a commercial concrete sealer is the fact the flooring can be maintained easily by staff in-house. The product provides dust-proof performance and simple maintenance. Many maintenance departments remark on how using Repore improves productivity because they no longer have to spend hours in maintenance or cleaning the floors.

4. Resistance to Marring

A company's flooring needs to also maintain aesthetic appeal. When companies invite potential clients into their industrial space, having a clean, aesthetic-looking floor can help make or break deals. Repore has mar resistance to ensure a floor will retain its aesthetic value for many years. Companies will see that the high gloss level gives the appearance of being like-new.

Repore commercial concrete sealer brings immense value to a company who seeks to enhance the safety and durability of the flooring. Companies who use the flooring constantly and need optimal performance can use Repore to maximize their in-house productivity for many years.

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