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Tip Sheet: How Blow Molded Cases Present Products Professionally and Securely

Shipping tools, medical equipment, or research instruments to clients in standard shipping materials frequently damages sensitive equipment. Western Case discusses how blow molding plastic cases protect equipment.


Riverside, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/02/2016 -- When shipping, electronics, or medical equipment to a client, businesses can't afford to have them damaged during shipping. That can cost a company money and future business with the client. Hard plastic blow molded cases make shipping equipment easy. Equipment can then be presented at trade shows safely. Western Case, a California-based blow molding carrying case manufacturer, presents tips for companies to keep equipment safe in shipping and at presentations.

The Benefits of Using Blow Molded Carrying Cases

1. First, they are strong and durable and will protect easily damaged devices. Sensitive equipment can include tools, electronics, research instruments, and medical equipment. When shipping this type of equipment, foam padding is designed to fit the product inside the case. The foam, in addition to the outer hard plastic, keeps the equipment safe during shipping.

2. Blow molded cases can also withstand weather conditions such as rain, snow, and wind better than a cardboard box, or other type of standard shipping material. Even those with protective bubble coating inside could allow moisture in and damage sensitive equipment.

While weather conditions can cause corrosion in electronic devices, blow molded cases have protective layers that safeguard electronics from moisture.

3. Because of the durability of these cases, a company can increase its rate of shipping and fulfill more orders. Since damage of products is not uncommon in shipping by normal methods, custom blow molded cases prevents shipping damage, which reduces the need to spend money on re-shipping electronics, tool parts, or medical equipment.

When products arrive in excellent condition, customers are happy and more likely to place more orders with a company. If they receive damaged items, they will be much less likely to utilize the company again in the future.

4. Another important benefit of these durable cases is protection against theft. Equipment packed in these cases can be locked with a padlock or chain.

For those in the business of shipping tools, it is often hard to decide which cases are the best to use. Blow molding plastic companies, such as Western Case, create plastic power tool cases and carrying cases that can be custom molded to fit specific tools and instruments.

An added benefit is that all the tools and parts are nicely organized with custom foam padding, designed to a company's specifications. Many companies ship these types of items in small bags, which means that it can take time to unpack and find the needed pieces, and it also increases the risk of damage.

Tools also need to be protected from the elements, and these cases do that effectively. Western Case creates custom-made cases and has a large variety of in-stock cases with up to 50 sizes.

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