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Tip Sheet: Tips for a Successful Extrusion Blow Molding Process

When deciding on a blow molding company, choose a manufacturer that provides a successful extrusion blow molding process for the best outcome to a project. Here’s how.


Riverside, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/03/2015 -- Western Case, Inc., is an industry leader among blow molding manufacturers in custom extrusion molding of industrial parts and blow molded products. We credit our success to our extremely knowledgeable management staff, supervisors, and production employees, who together offer years of experience to our customers every day. From our experience, we offer potential customers advice on a successful extrusion blow molding process for their projects.

What is Extrusion Blow Molding?

Blow molding companies perform extrusion blow molding, which is the process used to create hollow items with thin walls that hold other materials (known as "blow molded plastics").

Classic examples of products made by extrusion blow molding are milk containers, shampoo bottles, water bottles, and other household containers. Larger items created by extrusion blow molding include plastic tubs with lids used to store Christmas ornaments and giant water storage tanks used in the southwest to hold water in desert homes.

What's Involved in Extrusion Blow Molding?

- A mold in the size and shape of the final product must be created.
- A tube-like piece (called a "parison") is created and sealed on one end.
- The parison is clamped inside the mold.
- Compressed air is then blown into the hole in the tube.
- The pressure from the compressed air causes the tube to expand to the shape of the mold.
- After the plastic cools down, the hardened mold opens and the blow molded plastic product falls out.
Benefits of Extrusion Blow Molding
- Flash free
- Can create blow molded plastics from very small to very large
- Molds are much less expensive
- The process is very precise
- Assembly costs are reduced

Tips for a Successful Extrusion Blow Molding Project

- Begin your project with a planning session attended by clients and engineers.
- An elaborate process begins in the plan and design of the mold for product requirements.
- Once the client and team of highly skilled engineers are satisfied with the mold design, the engineers will begin working with the production team to test the product. This is an important step for a successful project to ensure the working model matches the desired product design and function before mass production.
- Once the client, production team, and engineers are satisfied with the trial product, the order is created on the production line.

The key to a successful extrusion blow molding project is communication and teamwork. When everyone works together, the final product will meet all functional requirements and will be manufactured using the highest quality of materials.

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