Tips for Charity Fundraising: Help a Cause That Is Close to Your Heart

Raising money and promoting your fundraising initiatives just got better and easier! Innovation, proper planning and effective implementation are the key factors to a successful fundraising campaign activity. People across the globe do crazy things in order to support the causes they care about. FundUs fundraising offers non-profit organisations, families, friends and sports teams the opportunity to raise funds without asking anyone to spend a cent more than they already do. FundUs brings in fresh Charity Fundraising ideas to help raise funds by private and public schools, religious organisations, service organisations, sports and athletic clubs, charities and childcare centres.


Airport Oaks, Auckland -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/21/2015 -- Instead of asking people to spend additional money on items they may not want or need, FundUs enables them to help your fundraising efforts while they make their normal purchases. Charity fundraising is pretty straight forward and an easy way to raise funds for sports teams, groups and other social causes. We are all connected to a cause in our society and around the world, whether it is health, environmental, spiritual, civic, community, or any other cause that has touched our lives. In many cases, we want to give back and help make a difference in the world through supporting our favorite non-profits. So, we can donate, volunteer or in many cases fund-raise online to help raise necessary funds required for a non-profit to accomplish their mission. When it comes to online fundraising, be sure to understand the importance of smart fundraising before you create a fundraising web page and start promoting. What does smart fundraising stand for?

Raising funds for your favorite non-profit needs a goal which is very specific! How much money do you want to raise? What fundraising model works for you? Are you fundraising in conjunction with a charity event like a walk or run? Not only will specifying your fundraising goal help you, but it will also help persuade potential donors by telling them why and how they should donate. Goals must be measurable in concrete terms. Generally, this means that you need to set a dollar amount for your fundraising goal. This will help you measure your progress easily.

Charity Fundraising for primary schools

Charity Fundraising is a very common way of raising a set amount for schools, colleges and other student-led charity groups. It is a way to promote and encourage talent of students in a way that not only promotes them, but the school as well. If the goal is reached and enough donations received, schools are able to provide a lot of facilities to children, giving them a base to grow.

FundUs is an online organization that allows people to shop from their website for regular things like kitchen products, laundry products, bathroom products, personal care products, auto care products and much more. A part of their spend goes to charity organizations that support various causes like women issues, child welfare, etc. The company has been helping the Ronald McDonald house since 2004 with laundry products to help maintain a hygienic environment for children.

The products on the website can be bought with a 100% money back guarantee. 25% of the amount spent is donated for the selected cause.

About FundUs
FundUs is about friends and family raising funds for sports teams and groups. They are all about making fundraising simple and easy.

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