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Tips for Choosing Camera Lenses Now Available from Lens Guides


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/29/2013 -- With the amount of lens options on the market, choosing the right lens for a photography project can be a difficult task. Since photographers only have one chance to capture any particular moment, the type of lens that they use is crucial to getting the best shot possible.

Professional and amateur photographers have recently started turning to a new website, LensGuides.org, for Canon camera lens advice, tips, and tricks. The goal of Lens Guides is to bring their readers content that will help them to choose the best single lens reflex camera lens for a job.

“For any emerging photographer or a beginner in this field, choosing the right lens has always been a hectic job,” states an article on Lens Guides. “The task of a photographer becomes even difficult because no one wants to miss capturing a moment just because he lacks the right equipment. So, to make the right choice for yourself, it’s better if you do a little research on the lenses first.”

Lens Guides contains a variety of detailed article in categories such as Beginner Lenses, Macro Lenses, Portrait Lenses, Wedding Lenses, and Zoom Lenses. Most of their articles, such as “What is The Best Canon Macro Lens?” and “What is the Best Canon Portrait Lens?” have been extremely popular with readers.

The format of each post is very simple, easy to follow, and straightforward.

For example, in the post “What is The Best Canon Wedding Lens?” Lens Guides lists different scenarios—General Purpose, Zoom, and Prime—in which different lenses will need to be used. Lens Guide then explains why the specific lens will need to be used and the type of camera that it works best with. Lastly, the blog posts recommend Canon lenses that will suit the photographer’s purpose, and even goes the extra mile to suggest cheaper alternatives that will work just as well.

Individuals with questions or concerns about Canon single lens reflex cameras and their lenses are encouraged to visit http://www.lensguides.org for more information.

About Lens Guides
Lens Guides is a website dedicated to helping owners of SLR cameras choose the right lenses to buy for their specific needs. It provides informative articles, product comparisons, and tips for success. For more information, please visit http://www.lensguides.org