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Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/08/2013 -- Houston, TX - College essays can make or break a student’s application to high-profile schools, as a poor grasp of grammar and structure can cause a student with an otherwise impeccable academic record to look unready for the big leagues. That’s why careful copy editing with a laser beam focus on details is essential for students writing high-stakes college essays.

Recent developments in higher education—such as changes to Bard College's admissions policies allowing students to submit four 2,500-word research papers in lieu of SAT scores, high school transcripts and teacher recommendations—have placed even greater emphasis on the need for students wishing to attend top schools to have excellent essay writing skills. Bard's change represents a growing trend among college admissions policies away from high-stakes standardized testing and back to the ability not only to think critically, but also to communicate effectively.

Making sure your college essay is as free of grammatical and spelling errors as possible can boost your chances of having it viewed favorably by college admissions committees.

DLA Editors and Proofers provide students with a convenient option to get a professional review of their college essays. This company, which provides convenient, easy-to-use online copy editing services, provides students with in-house proofreaders and editors with the experience needed to fix basic grammar and spelling problems or give a more thorough analysis of the essay, complete with suggestions to strengthen the work.

Enlisting the help of professional editing services can help college students craft better college essays. In today’s highly competitive admissions environment to the top schools, every advantage helps. DLA Editors and Proofers can provide students with a convenient and affordable edge in their quest for higher education.

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