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Tampa, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/16/2012 -- The never ending quest to find a commercial cleaning service for your building or office space that you may lease or own is always a daunting task. That responsibility is immense when the rest of the office employees and managers complain incessantly about the restrooms and the dust balls behind the computers every week. How is one to decipher the various nuances of janitorial and office cleaning methods unless one engages the services with a company that requires a minimum of six months contractual arrangement that is ironclad with little escape?

It is imperative to interview the cleaning company’s principals and have a detailed and thorough conversation about all aspects of the office cleaning methods that are used. Different companies utilize different cleaning standards that may or may not be conventional. The solutions used on different finishes such as marble, granite, brass, glass are all affected differently depending upon how they chemically interact with each individual surface. Once this touches with the surface and the air, there is a reaction that can discolor or fade the finish and/ or color of the material.

Office cleaning services also have a lot of computers and keyboards that harbor dust and mites. Knowing the different facets of different mites and micro organisms that breed in a warm, dark, and dirty environment can affect the health and safety of an offices well being. Employees within an office are affected differently and thus the cleanliness of how a janitorial service handles the dust and cleaning approaches are vital to maintaining a clean and fresh air environment. Keyboards are also a haven for germs and dust to accumulate as well. If our hands are where the lion’s share of germs and contamination exist, then it stands to reason that this also is an area that requires special attention for cleanliness.

“Out of sight, out of mind” is the old adage, however what we put into our bodies through the absorption process, ingestion, and inhalation contributes significantly to our sustenance for healthy life styles. The commercial cleaning services that understand how to incorporate this into their daily janitorial routines, will not only gain a higher stature with their office clients, but also will keep their customers as less and less adverse health issues will arise from the “corporate” or office sharing of contamination and germs that float throughout the office atmosphere.

There is also a fine balance that must be found between cleanliness and timeliness. Most office buildings are seeking a time efficient cleaning company while one that can keep their offices and common building spaces immaculate to the naked eye. A responsive management team is necessary when a building manager, property manager, and office staff need specific requests from their office cleaning team. The ability for this team to address whatever issues may arise are always important.

Longevity of the commercial cleaning staff begs discussion as well. How long has the management team been in place and the cleaning crews that are doing the work, and are these employees full time staff members or are they sub-contracted out and hired on a job by job basis? A full time staffing janitorial team is clearly the preference as commercial building and office clientele want to know that their office cleaning people are consistently there, knowing their office and are familiar with their surroundings. Additionally, a W-2 employee has a commitment and vested interest in the quality of the work done and the results that come from such a commitment.

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