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Tips for Hiring a Waste Management Company


Manassas, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/18/2012 -- Many folks around the world have the opinion that garbage is garbage, and the less they have to think about it the better. After all, the process of waste management is simple. On a given day we haul our cans to the curb, filled with a week’s worth of debris, and when we come back at the end of the day the cans are empty and we start to fill them again in preparation for the next week’s pick-up. However, not taking the time to understand all that your waste management company provides, or understanding what their goals and environmental concerns are, is a missed opportunity to better your community.

In Virginia and Maryland, EnviroSolutions Inc. wants you to demand a quality of service that not only takes care of your personal needs but the needs of your community as well. In order to find that organization, you need to ensure that your waste management company has a diversity of services and an environmental record that considers the welfare of the community they serve. Here are two items to consider when hiring a waste management company.

Diversity of Services: When it comes to waste disposal, one size does not fit all. Too often, disposal companies treat all their customers the same, even though the needs of an individual homeowner are much different than the needs of a small business or apartment complex. Make sure that the company you hire offers a variety of dumpster sizes as well as a pick-up schedule that maximizes your dollars. Otherwise, you may be paying for your provider to come on a day when the cans are still empty or even worse, come days after they have been full.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle: Minimizing the amount of debris and trash that enters a landfill has long been a simple, yet productive route to reducing the land used for waste storage. All around the country new, green technologies and businesses are blazing trails and pushing the reuse of waste to new levels. Reuse stores that capture and preserve housing materials for use in remodels and new construction divert waste from the construction trades in numbers never before seen. Plastics, metals and fabrics are finding new uses as well in second hand business shops that up-cycle materials into new, saleable items. In Maryland and Virginia, recycling is a way to preserve the natural flora and fauna. Ensure that your waste disposal company is doing all they can to preserve our rich heritage into the future.

Specialized services and a commitment to the environment: These are the qualities of a waste management company that deserves your business. In an ever-changing and growing world, with new demands on our infrastructure and new technologies to reduce those demands, you want a company that doesn’t just make your trash disappear, but one that disposes of it with forethought. A company that plans for the future of the community in which it works and strives to ensure that future is bright. EnviroSolutions, Inc. works hard every day to be that company. Call us today for more information.