Tips for Internet Marketing Now Taught at Marketer's Black Book for Free

Tips for Internet marketing are now taught for free online at the Marketer’s Black Book website. Competing online is now more difficult than ever and the free tips and business training that is offered on the Marketer’s Black Book website is designed for business growth online.


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/08/2012 -- Internet marketing has grown substantially since the early days of the Internet. Long gone are the days of using BBS and chat rooms to promote websites, products or services. A select few Internet businesses are very successful, but the average business owner with a website can struggle with finding success online. Experts at Marketer’s Black Book, the Internet marketing specialists, are now teaching insider tips and tricks to business owners, webmasters and new marketers for no charge. In fact they are even doing a live event next Friday here in Jacksonville. The information is presented completely online making it easy to access from any Internet connection around the world.

Major search engines like Yahoo and Google demand that web content is genuine and distributed on a routine schedule. Content that is copied from online sources and used on a website is one of the reasons that can lead to websites becoming banned in search engines. “Business owners need unique content and this is one of the biggest challenges that small and large business websites face,” said Francis Ablola, Copywriting Expert at Marketer’s Black Book. “Hiring professionals to write content has been the secret of ad agencies and marketing firms for decades offline,” Ablola added. Apart from learning to market websites, interested website owners learn what makes content great and how to write emails that get responses. This free help is designed to help struggling website owners and marketers to find more ways to increase website traffic online.

Social media marketing is another option that some website owners are exploring to help build a larger online presence. “Many website owners dismissed these websites as a fad a few years ago,” said Brian Hanson, SEO Expert at Marketer’s Black Book. The increase in popularity of the social media platform is opening up more avenues to promote products and services online. “What website owners are beginning to understand after utilizing our free training materials is that social media marketing is going to be around for a long, long time, we've also had a tremendous spike in traffic from youtube. Youtube seems to be on a rise that shouldn't be overlooked for 2013.” added Hanson. Popular social media websites like Twitter and Pinterest have reported publicly about the increase in signups from businesses.

Companies that are in niche industries can often find a new audience online. From the 1950s through to the 1980s, many magazine publications capitalized on niche markets and did very well promoting related products and services. The growth of the Internet and digital media has sidelined much of the printed media that was so popular for decades. New Internet marketing strategies like link building and article marketing has become the new way that interested consumers become educated about niche products and services. Marketer’s Black Book provides consulting services apart from what is offered for free on the website. These powerful “Mastermind” sessions offer more advanced topics in Internet marketing that any business or website owner can utilize to reach more consumers and boost online sales.

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