Tips for Preventing Foot and Ankle Injuries

LA foot doc offers tips to prevent sports injuries to foot and ankle


Beverly Hills, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/16/2015 -- Foot and ankle injuries are common in people who engage in sports. Part of the problem is the foot and ankle absorb so much energy when the foot hits the ground.

Dr. Michael Bilinsky, a Los Angeles podiatrist, has pioneered treatments for the foot and ankle and made a study of these problems. He has some quick tips to prevent this kind of problem from happening.

Get conditioned.

"Increase your activity gradually. Your body needs to work up to strenuous activity. If your goal is to run a marathon, you're going to start by jogging short distances. Walk some, jog some. Work your way up to the big run," he said. "It's the same of any sport. Take your time."

Get good shoes.

"This is a very common problem I see especially in athletes. They get ill-fitting shoes or they don't replace shoes when they get a bit worn," he said. "Make sure the shoe you use fits properly and is designed for the sport you're getting into."

Stick to even surfaces.

"If you are going to be running, stay on flat surfaces. Hills and inclines are OK, as long as the running path is flat, as long as you build up to that," he said. "Running over rough ground, rocky ground, is a recipe for disaster and foot problems. You could hit a rock wrong and turn your ankle, twisting or tearing muscles and even braking bones."

Pay attention.

Of all the advice Dr. Bilinsky gives people, this one is the most important, he said. If your ankles or feet start hurting, that is your body tell you something is wrong. Slow what you are doing. If the pain continues, get professional advice.

"Find someone who knows about feet. Ask for help. Be sure you take the shoes you wear why doing the activity that causes pain," he said. "Sometimes the fix is a quick as getting the right footwear."

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