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Tips for Treating Rosacea Now Available at RosaceaTreated.com


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/01/2013 -- RosaceaTreated.com, a new website dedicated to helping people suffering from the uncomfortable and embarrassing chronic skin condition known as rosacea, recently announced the release of free skin care product reviews and informative articles and tips for treating rosacea. Affecting millions worldwide, rosacea is characterized by redness in the facial area, accompanied by small, visible blood vessels, red pimples or bumps, watery, irritated eyes, thickening of the skin around the nose, and a burning or itching sensation.

Due to the enormous amount of misinformation and ineffective products circulating on the internet, it can be difficult for people suffering from rosacea to find proper care, but RosaceaTreated.com is a trusted resource that provides credible information and recommendations to help people find the most effective treatment options available. “Fortunately, there are companies that are serious about treating this physically distorting and emotionally wrecking condition and are continuously researching new ingredients and combinations that can bring long term relief,” an article on RosaceaTreated.com’s website noted.

Rosacea is a chronic condition that is technically incurable, but the good news for patients is that the symptoms can be managed so as to dramatically reduce the visible effects of the disease. One highly successful product with over 50,000 Facebook ‘likes,’ known as Zenmed, offers a three step program that includes an anti-redness mask, a ‘support serum’ that disinfects and helps regenerate skin cells, and a gentle cleansing cream. “What really makes this treatment different is that it adopts a multi-pronged approach to battle Rosacea. It doesn’t try to treat all the symptoms with a single, holistic cream or lotion. Rather, the treatment targets different symptoms with different products,” an article on www.RosaceaTreated.com noted. Other recommended products include Revitol and Skinception.

People who suffer from rosacea are encouraged to find effective treatment because symptoms that are not addressed tend to worsen with time. Untreated symptoms can also cause people to worry more about their condition, and because stress often triggers rosacea, some may fall into an ever-increasing cycle of outbreaks.

About RosaceaTreated.com:

RosaceaTreated.com is a new website committed to helping rosacea sufferers seek out and find the right treatment for their skin condition. This is a skin condition where one treatment does not suit all and there are lots of products or processes available. This website provides well researched articles, tips and reviews of tried and tested products to help rosaceans make informed choices about what might be best for them.

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