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Tips to a Flat Stomach in 7 Days Revealed by the Fat Loss Factor Program

Women who want to have a flat stomach and get rid of belly fat in just 7 days should opt for Dr Charles Livingston’s weight loss programs, informs after reviewing the doctor’s e-book Fat Loss Factor.


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/18/2013 -- The weight loss program developed by Dr Charles Livingston works because it tackles the main issue women have to fight when trying to lose weight: remaining motivated and committed to a program. In his book, Fat Loss Factor, the author teaches women how to lose weight and have a flat stomach in a safe and fast way, but also how to adopt a healthy lifestyle, writes

The doctor’s program is divided in two parts. The first part, which is neglected by most weight loss programs, is dedicated to detoxification and lasts two weeks. Cleansing the body boosts the immune system and accelerates the fat burning process, which enables the body to burn calories faster. Eliminating all the toxins in the body will lead to a flat tummy.

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The second part of the Fat Loss Factor program lasts ten weeks and puts its users to work. They will have to stick to a diet and workout routine. However, the diet and exercise plans suggested by Dr Livingston are not harsh, nor exhausting, so women will have no problem sticking to them. In addition, the author also provides them with tips and tricks on how to remain committed and prevent losing their motivation.

According to, the e-book also reveals some quick tips on how to have a flat stomach in only seven days. For instance, the magazine tells that drinking lemon juice helps women lose belly fat. It is useful to drink a glass of lemon juice combined with warm water and salt every morning, is said in the review. And speaking of water, drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day eliminates toxins and boosts the metabolism, which leads to a flat stomach.

Dr Charles Livingston has thought thousands of women worldwide that they don’t have to starve themselves or resort to harsh diets to lose weight and have a flat stomach, reports The magazine recommends the doctor’s Fat Loss Factor program to all women out there who want to show off their flat tummy in just seven days.