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Tips to Keep Older Homes Warm in Winter

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Evanston, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/02/2017 -- From drafty rooms to temperamental older heating systems, keeping an older home warm and toasty during the winter months can be a challenge.

With the season of heavy jackets, scarves, snow boots, whipping winds and freezing temperatures looming, October is an opportune time to winterize an older home and take steps to avoid unexpected heating repairs in Oak Park, IL, and throughout the Evanston area.

Here are some problems owners of older homes face and possible solutions. Some are easy to fix. Others require the help of an experienced HVAC contractor or other professional.

A favorite room is comfy cozy—except for that annoying pocket of cold air. Drafts are fairly common in older homes. Door sweeps, caulk, weather stripping and other tools can be used to seal draft-prone areas underneath doors, around windows and elsewhere, such as around the dryer vent. Having trouble finding the source of the draft? Check light switches and electrical outlets and install insulating pads to block the cold. Use plastic or heavy drapes to minimize or prevent drafts from old windows and doors.

The heat is on full blast, but the entire house is still ice cold. Insulate. Insulate. And then insulate some more. Head to the attic first. Heat rises, which means it could be escaping through the top of the house. Next, tackle the walls. Affordable, reliable options include foam or pellet insulation. Finally, determine if there's enough space under the floors for insulation.

A new system is out of the question due to space limitations. Radiant in-floor heating could be the answer. These systems are one of the most efficient and effective heating choices for older homes. They keep older homes toasty warm while allowing homeowners to save money. Plus, they require only about an inch of height in a room.

American Vintage Home has made its mark as the "Older Home Experts." Its team has spent years solving heating issues commonly found in older homes. From a furnace repair in Oak Park, IL, to an air conditioning installation in Evanston, IL, American Vintage Home can handle it all. The company understands the time, love and attention that owners of older homes invest in their properties and approaches every job with the same respect and TLC.

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