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Tips to Point an Insurance Agency Toward Success


Newtown Square, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/15/2016 -- Business owners need to know how to market their business successfully, effectively and consistently. Proper marketing is the foundation of growing a thriving insurance agency.

What is marketing and why is it so important to an insurance agent/agency? Marketing is the process of informing others about a product or products, conveying the reasons why that product is effective and why people should buy it. "While that may sound simple, it rarely is largely because every single person an insurance agent markets to has their own wants and needs and perceptions of what will work for them when it comes to insurance," said Clelland Green, RHU, CEO

Knowing how to market on the fly according to the expressed needs of a prospective customer is a great gift, but it is not the only way to market these days.

Mass e-mailings are, despite what many online marketers say about spam, still a viable option. What many insurance agents do not realize is that there are various ways to grow an email list. An example would be expanding a mailing list through references. Never forget to ask for permission before adding a name to a mass email list.

"Marketing via online newsletters works well too," said Green. "Writing articles about your various products and penning news releases with information relevant to your client base is another valuable tool in your agency marketing plan."

The value of marketing to attract potential customers in various niches lies in using truthful testimonials and stories, solid and valuable important facts, and a down to earth approach in explaining what people need to know about insurance without the jargon.

Selling insurance means having special offers now and then. It is one of the best ways to attract potential customers. Make sure the special offer is for a limited time only and that is really is a special offer. No tricks. No sleight-of-hand. No substitions. A genuine limited time offer for a particular policy that is of interest to your clients and prospective clients. An example would be a very good price for a Medicare supplement that many seniors need to help them take care of their health.

One of the best methods to garner leads and serve a customer base innovatively is to write an e-book. "You know your product inside out. You have the ability to explain it in a way that makes sense. But here is the real reason you write an e-book. You are not promoting the product. You are promoting the benefits, including tips on how to buy the right insurance, insider information on how the insurance industry works, and so forth," Green said.

Still, the top method to secure a constant stream of leads in the pipeline is to order exclusive insurance leads from a reliable and reputable lead generation company, like Order only exclusive, pre-screened and pre-qualified leads for the best return on investment dollars.