Tiqqed Launch Seen as Disruptive Technology

Innovative Email Platform Revolutionizes the Way Businesses Communicate


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/24/2014 -- In the technology age, new releases and programming improvements are commonplace, but every so often, a new release changes the way businesses operate. Social media changed the way we market. Sustainability changed the way we manage product lifecycles. Tiqqed is in line to change the way we communicate. From inception, Tiqqed was destined to be different. It was designed to solve all the issues businesses and end consumers face using traditional email: a lack of security, difficult design and poor interface, and perhaps most importantly, a complete lack of reliability.

It is in this way which Tiqqed differentiates itself. Each Tiq sent comes with a return receipt. This means the sender knows the exact moment the recipient receives the email. While return receipts currently exist, their functionality is limited to those opening email within the same service provider. Tiqqed allows for accurate return receipts no matter who provides the recipient’s email service. In this way, Tiqqed is universal. Furthermore and more revolutionary in concept, the sender is given a return receipt when their attachment is opened. The implications of this application in the business community are endless. Already beta tested and serving businesspeople across the globe, Tiqqed is taking the communication industry by storm. With constant improvements in R&D and an ever-evolving product, it is no wonder Tiqqed is the business world’s preferred method of communication.

TIQQED is a high-tech business with operations in France and United Kingdom. Its mission is to improve the efficiency of digital communication, through the use of technology. At the centre of this, is its unique 'read receipt' tracking capabilities.

For more information on Tiqqed, or to schedule an interview with Chuck Catania, Director of Public Relations, please write to tiqpr@tiqqed.com.