Tire Rebates HQ Offers Rebate Information

Web site finds and tracks down the latest rebates for tire shoppers.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/05/2013 -- Those who drive a car realize there will come a time when tires are going to be necessary. Expensive, tires are necessary. Getting a great deal on tires can be a very trying and daunting task, so James Franklin decided to do something about it.

Franklin is like anyone. Money is tight in his family but tires are important. An average set of tires will cost around $800.00 with installation, and that is money many do not have lying around.

Franklin decided to help his fellow consumers with a smart shopping website.

“My site is a one stop shopping environment for anyone needing tires. I have almost every brand listed and am working on adding more,” said Franklin.

The main page features various non-specific discounts and information, while each separate tire page has information about the company as well as rebate information if available.

Many times, sales come in the form of rebates and gift cards.

“Some manufacturers want you to work with a specific location or tire service. If so, I have tried to mention that for the customer so they will not be disappointed when going to a local dealer,” said Franklin.

Specific categories of rebates are also available. Some feature multiple rebates while some manufacturers have yet to offer a rebate, but Franklin remains undaunted.

“If there is a rebate, I am looking for it for you,” said Franklin.

His site is updated frequently with deals. Michelin, for example, rotates their tire rebates onto different categories. Franklin covers this for his visitors.

Additional information about the rebates is available at his site.

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