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Titan Granite Unveils New Free Countertop Measurement Program

Generous, risk-free new offer makes it easy to get started with area's leading stone countertop company, Titan Granite reports


St Louis, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/01/2015 -- Titan Granite, one of the region's leading stone countertop companies, launched a new, free countertop measurement offer. Under the terms of the new program, Titan Granite will offer free in-home template measurements and estimates, giving those interested a no-risk way to see what acquiring a beautiful, top-quality granite, quartz, or marble countertop will cost and entail. With a lifetime warranty on every job and a 10,000 square-foot warehouse housing 100 or more slabs at any given time, Titan Granite makes it easy and affordable to equip a home anywhere in the St. Louis area with a durable, attractive, value-enhancing stone countertop.

"A new stone countertop can be an important investment, but arranging for its selection and installation can sometimes be inconvenient," Titan Granite representative Baxter Harris said, "We're dedicated to removing all of the roadblocks that people in the St. Louis area might otherwise face. Our just-launched free Titan Granite Countertop Measurements program is an example of this, as it makes looking into a new countertop easy and risk-free. We hope many people in the area will take advantage of this option and stop by our website to learn more."

Substantial, virtually maintenance free, and highly attractive in even lightly finished forms, countertops made of stone have never been more popular. A 2012 MSN report found that granite countertops could be found in around 75 percent of all new homes built that year, with the material's popularity only fading a little since in the face of competition from other kinds of stone like marble and quartz.

With a dedication to providing the best in customer service, Titan Granite is one of the top sources of stone countertops for people throughout the St. Louis area. The company's 10,000 square-foot warehouse allows customers to walk through and reserve their own stone slabs from an industry-leading selection of granite, marble, and quartz, with all subsequent fabrication being performed in house.

That contributes to far greater reliability than many competing contractors in the area can promise, enabling a consistent, guaranteed 2-week turn-around time from template production to completion and installation downtime typically lasting only a few hours. A lifetime warranty on every job reflects the level of work that has made Titan Granite one of the leading names in the area, a product of an unmatched dedication to quality and over 15 years of combined experience.

The new Titan Granite free countertop measurement offer will make working with St. Louis's leading company of this kind even more accessible. In addition to providing the highest levels of quality and convenience in the area, Titan Granite Countertops pricing also consistently comes in as the lowest in the region. Those interested in the new countertop measurement program or learning more about Titan Granite's services can do so at the company's website.

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With the lowest prices, the quickest turnaround, and the most convenient, customer-focused service in the St. Louis area, Titan Granite provides the best in stone countertops from a 10,000 square-foot warehouse, with all work done in house and a lifetime warranty on every job.