Titan Holdings Inc., a Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Scalada Holdings Ltd. Asked to Submit Bids for Safe Water Projects in Bangladesh

Titan’s endeavors will be aimed at turning around the horrific humanitarian crisis resulting from the country’s long-term and severe water problems.


Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/15/2013 -- Titan Holdings inc., a Nevada based environmental company, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Scalada Holdings Ltd. (, announced today that has been offered the opportunity to submit a bid for safe water projects in the East Asian country of Bangladesh. The offer came from a humanitarian foundation operating in the country, where the water crisis has reached epic proportions, affecting both urban and rural populations. If the bid is accepted, the resulting projects will also bring in Cherokee Holdings LLC, an engineering firm which is another of Scalada Holdings’ wholly owned subsidiaries.

According to, Bangladesh’s crisis of providing safe water is both a matter of water scarcity and water quality. In Dhaka, the capital city, there is a huge gap between the daily need and the total that can be produced, according to the Water Supply and Sewerage Authority (WASA). The city’s problems are largely due to over-dependence on ground water, exacerbated by acute poverty, overcrowding, poor housing, and unhealthy disposal of waste, in this city of 15 million people with a population density of 43,000 per square kilometer. The incidence of diarrheal illnesses from unhealthy water is alarming high. In an interview with the Financial Express, a Dhaka residence stated, “Even despite boiling it for more than an hour, the bad smell doesn’t go.”

In rural areas, many wells have been contaminated with extremely high levels of arsenic, and efforts to combat this problem have given rise to dramatic increases in acute bacteriological contamination. Initially, the rural based aspects of Titan’s bid will focus on the Rajshahi and Manikganj Districts.

Titan Holdings’ bid will revolve around Scalada’s unique and patented Elemental Ionization System (EIS) for water remediation and recycling. The system is considered the worldwide leader in the field because it can decontaminate water in ways that are economical, environmentally friendly and profitable. The system also has the distinct advantages over other water remediation systems of allowing for onsite placement and almost complete mobility. Titan’s proposal will also include provisions to decrease the over-dependence on ground water by increasing remediation and use of surface water sources such as ponds, rivers, and canals.

Last year, the government of Bangladesh signed a $75 million financing agreement with the World Bank aimed at supplying safe water. Ellen Goldstein, country director for World Bank Bangladesh stated, “We are scaling up a private-public partnership model for delivering safe water.”

According to Scalada CEO Manly Logan, “The humanitarian stakes in this situation are literally life and death. We are confident that our involvement can help turn around this horrible crisis of humanity.”

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