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Title Loans Offer Greater Borrowable Amount and Lower Interest Rates Says


Wilmington, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/29/2014 --, one of the leading and veteran companies of short-term financial solutions, has recently shared its insights to title loans and their benefits. The company has been successfully offering various types of loans specifically – payday loans, title loans, cash advances and personal loans – since its establishment and has now created a reputation of being an instant loan provider with multiple options.

Even though today payday loans is the preferred loan type amongst the general public, informs that there are many other short-term loan options which the people are unaware of due to the aggressive ‘payday loan’ marketing. The company further added that there is no doubt that easy cash advance is beneficial in case of emergencies and is often no-hassle loan type but the failure to pay back this loan can be catastrophic due to the immense interest rate associated with it.

The untimely payment of payday loans has trapped many individuals, as paying back the amount with interest rate becomes a horror and usually external assistance is required to clear the financial mess. That is why suggests looking into all types of short-term loans such as the title loans which are not only coupled with much lower interest rates but also have larger borrowable amount.

The title loan is a secured loan and the security is often a car, truck or any kind of vehicle. The process of this loan is also very simple and requires only additional information regarding the vehicle owned and sometimes images of the vehicle as well. There are many benefits of the title loan, first being the borrowable amount. The website shared that usually lenders use the Kelly Blue Book as a reference which often means 55% of vehicle’s value can be borrowed. Other advantages are the lower interest rate and term length, which is often flexible and depend on negotiation between the borrower and the lender. has also thoroughly explained the ins and outs of other short term loans – payday loans, cash advances and personal loans. The website informs that options are plenty for short-term financial solutions and their service is focused on not only connecting the borrower and lenders but providing multiple options such that their clients can select the most beneficial to them.

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Personal Cash Advance is one of the veteran companies to provide online short-term financial solutions. The company is known for its instant approvals and for its provision of various types of short-term loans such as payday loans, title loans, cash advances and personal loans. Personal Cash Advance has established an extensive database of reputed lenders which enables it to fulfill any financial requirement.

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