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Titus Pollard Announces the Release of Hell in the Choirstand


Clayton, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/10/2015 -- Titus Pollard, acclaimed Gospel Musician and author of Living Right on Wrong Street, is proud to announce the release of his Christian Fiction novel, Hell In The Choirstand.

"Hell In The Choirstand is meant to give the reader an awareness of how music is a much more cunning device than people give it credit," Says Pollard. "I wrote the book, keeping in mind that there is much talk about the mission of the ultimate evil force, Satan, but there's very little talk about his occupation, and how he can be beaten using his own game, music."

This story follows Jeremiah, the protagonist and a gospel musician, who moves to a new town in Olds, Michigan and becomes the Minister of Music at Ezekiel Baptist Church. Once Jeremiah arrives at this new church, he quickly realizes things will be more complicated than he had hoped because of Renard, the antagonist and organist. Renard is a part of a secret satanic cult and decides to wreck havoc on this congregation and Jeremiah, by utilizing numerous acts of Satanism through music. This novel is a revelation of the power that music possesses and how faith in God restores and upholds a people, a city, and the world.

Pollard builds on his own impressive music credentials and decades of experience in the gospel music industry to add authenticity to this novel. After creating, Learn to Play Gospel Piano, acting in, A Black Woman's Guide to Getting Married, and personally training musicians that have played with Dr. Bobby Jones, Maynard Ferguson, Kelly Price, The Clark Sisters, The O'Jays, and the Morehouse Glee Club, Hell In The Choirstand is just a new feat for the very experienced Pollard.

He is even making waves amongst literary veterans with this story. Jacquelin Thomas, Bestselling Author of Jezebel, says, "Pollard's story, Hell in the Choirstand, is not only revealing, but delivers the kind of momentum that prompts readers to flip the pages in anticipation of what is about to come."

Whether a reader is a choir member, attends church, or is simply curious about what may go on in the spiritual realm at different churches, Hell In The Choirstand will certainly provide suspense, insight, and even a few laughs.

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