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Tn Online Payroll Pte Ltd Offers Payroll Outsourcing in Singapore


Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/10/2019 -- Tn Online Payroll Pte Ltd is an online payroll outsourcing company that has been operational since 2004. The company ensures there is confidentiality, professional administration, constant and prompt delivery in its payroll services. The company handles payroll services for businesses thus allowing business owners to focus on running their organizations to meet profitability and productivity targets. Today's business environment is fast-paced and most companies strive to maximize productivity and cost-effectiveness. As a result, they are not able to handle payroll services on their own as doing so will mean hiring another employee to handle the process and that's costly. Tn Online Payroll Pte Ltd comes in to take the burden off the shoulders of business owners so they can run their businesses.

A spokesperson said, "If you own a small company and are trying to offer payroll services on your own, it will take a lot of time. By choosing a legit payroll service provider, the company can handle the entire process off your desk resulting to an efficient business operation. Payroll preparation is usually messy, time-consuming, and confusing for someone without an accounting background. Contact us today and let us run your payrolls from as low as $10 per employee per month."

Businesses that choose to outsource their payroll services benefit in various ways. Companies can streamline the payroll process and make administration simple; they can save on the cost of hiring a full-time staff member to handle the company's payroll services. Payroll processing in companies enables them to save the money they would have used to buy payroll software; and they don't have to worry about keeping the latest rules in the industry as the payroll service providers take care of that. Businesses outsourcing payroll services don't need to waste many man-hours trying to retrain new staff on payroll administration. They can also log into the payroll system from anywhere and follow the entire process.

The company Spokesperson added, "Tn Online Payroll Pte Ltd offers payroll outsourcing in Singapore and our services entail of payroll computation, which included the calculation of pay items based on the company policies and statutory requirements. The services also include new hire processing, payslip preparation, termination/resignation processing, customized and standard reports, submission of IR21 and IR8A income tax forms, preparing and filing of CPF contributions, filing or year-end income, and electronic submission for various claims such as NS Men Make-Up Pay, Child Care and Maternity claims. All the information we process is stored in a separate server and backed up."

Tn Online Payroll Pte Ltd invites businesses to partner with them to get big savings on important requirements for payroll setup including licensing for payroll app, and upgrade and maintenance costs, hardware for the dedicated payroll printer, computer and payslip. To benefit from this arrangement, clients should fill out the form on the company website or call 98267448. They offer two different packages for clients to suit the different budget needs that each business has.

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The company offers affordable payroll outsourcing services in Singapore. This helps business owners to focus on running their organizations for profitability and productivity.

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