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TNT Metal & Recycling G Will Now Scrap Auto Parts for Those Looking to Make Money


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/10/2013 -- For those who are a bit of a collector and have had enough with all of the excess auto parts, TNT Metal & Recycling is now more than willing to take that off their hands for a competitive price. This is the perfect opportunity to get rid of unwanted materials such as alternators, AC compressors, starters, etc. The professionals at TNT Metal & Recycling know that some automotive owners are unaware that they can scrap what is left of their car whether it has been in an accident, or is just lying around in the garage. Instead of trying to sell the automobile entirely in one piece, one may have better luck selling it in parts to TNT Metal & Recycling.

From generators, aluminum wheels, and radiators, owners will soon find out they can get money for their junk. Owners understand that the entire car cannot be scrapped and that some parts are worth more than others due to demand, which can also affect the prices. So, for those who are looking for scrap metal recycling in Pennsylvania, and know they won’t be able to sell their entire vehicle, scrap the materials that are worth it.

The professionals at TNT Metal & Recycling are willing to deal with businesses and individuals for those looking for a recycling service in Pennsylvania. Not only can vehicle owners recycle their used and unwanted materials here, they are also open to rebuilders who may contact them for pricing on the used parts. By taking parts that are in high demand, rebuilders will be able to find used parts that are perfect for their existing project. For the motor heads out there that enjoy taking on projects such as building a classic car, they should know that this could lead into trouble when it comes to finding combatable parts. However, TNT Metal & Recycling has come across this situation and found the perfect part for one’s dream build. They are here to take care of all scrapping needs whether they are for recycling, or a person is looking to purchase a used automobile part so contact them today for prices.

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TNT Metal & Recycling has over 25 years of experience as a family owned business in the recycling industry. They focus on purchases non-ferrous metals and mostly steel or iron products or materials. With some of the most competitive Tri-State area pricing their customers always leave happy. The philosophy of TNT Metal & Recycling is to always be honest, integrative, and have great pricing.

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