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To Be His Soulmate: New Vampire Romance Novel by Lyn Gibson Marks Launch of the 'Adrian Trilogies'.

Taking readers on a journey through history that’s interwoven with tastes of the paranormal and legend, ‘To be his Soulmate’ marks the start of a compelling literary series focused around a fearless businesswoman with a sixth sense.


Independence, IN -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2013 -- In the eyes of many literary experts, 2012 was the year of the Vampire Romance. As 2013 kicks off, author Lyn Gibson adds her own flavour to the popular genre with the launch of her ‘Adrian Trilogy’ series of books.

The first instalment, ‘To be his Soulmate’, introduces the trilogy’s heroine with full blood-ridden force.


“Adrian is a modern day business woman from Southern Louisiana that was born with a sixth sense. She has had visions and dreams since she was a child. One recurring dream haunts her throughout her life as she is certain that the dream is comprised of remnants of a past life until one day, by fate she is face to face with the man from her dreams. Christian, stunned as he looks into the eyes of his prey, realizes that she is the reincarnation of his long lost mortal love Cassandra.

Adrian, subconsciously knows but struggles to admit that her dreams have been validated. Not only is she left with the realization that she is Cassandra but that she is in love with Christian, a vampire. Adrian's world as she knew it is about to be turned upside down as Christian reveals their past lives together and introduces her to the world as he knows it. The story follows Christian and Adrian in their romance as they struggle to gain the approval of the Vampire Parliament, adjust to a life together as both mortal and vampire and become involved in a bloody war to protect the vampire nation from rogue clans that seek to overthrow the political realm that has governed the Vampire nation for centuries.

The story takes us from modern day Louisiana back to the 12th century and forward again with a sequel to be completed early fall of this year to take us into the future of the vampire nation.”

As the author explains, her vampire offering stands head-and-shoulders above similar books already on the market.

“This Vampire romance is unique as it blends the paranormal with legend while incorporating bits of documented world history,” says Gibson.

Continuing, “Aspiring to be the newest rave for Vampire enthusiasts everywhere, my book incorporates a realistic human element as the story is told from Adrian’s point of view.”

Since its launch, the book has garnered a consistent string of five-star reviews.

“Once I started reading this story I couldn't put it down. You are engrossed in the love story, the history, the intrigue, the excitement, and the turmoil all at the same time. Looking forward to reading the second instalment!” says Toni, who reviewed the book on Amazon.

Another reader, Deb, was equally as impressed. She said that, “I found that the more I read the harder it was to put down! I really got into the plot and the story was well told. Anxiously awaiting the sequel!”

In terms of her success, Gibson puts it down to the real-world relevance of her book’s narrative.

“The adult world is hungry for a "believable" Vampire saga; The Adrian Trilogies was written with this in mind. For adult readers only, the storyline is based on adult situations and emotions combined with folklore and legend that is a part of life in Southern Louisiana,” she adds.

With two more books on the horizon, Gibson remains tight-lipped about their content. If her first novel is anything to go by, fans are eagerly awaiting more powerful literary journeys.

Until then, ‘To be his Soulmate’ is available from Amazon: http://amzn.to/ZXM5gJ

About Lyn Gibson
I am an enthusiast for all things paranormal, born and raised in the deep South. Well versed in local legend and folklore I was drawn to write “To be his Soulmate” the first of the Adrian Trilogies. There is no place on Earth more rich in paranormal activity, it’s all just a part of our daily lives here. I now open an invitation to you: Devour the words herein and believe that they come from a very real place. In this place the monster under your’ bed does not disappear when the lights come on!