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To Direct Mail or Not to Direct Mail - Which Is Best for Insurance Agents?


Newtown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/13/2013 -- There are a number of leads that an insurance agent may use to effectively grow their business. They need to choose what works the best for them.

“There are many things happening in the marketplace today that impact on how an insurance agent conducts their promotional campaigns, not the least of which is what is going on with the USPS. More offices across the nation will close, meaning thousands of layoffs. That means you need to have plans in place to effectively and efficiently keep finding leads, but working them in a different manner,” said Clelland Green, RHU, CEO

The slow down of the postal service means an expected uptick in lead generation company prospecting. But it also means you may pay more for the leads generated, as they become more valuable due to the fact it may be the only way to obtain them. In light of some of these current changes and those yet to come, launching a direct mail campaign to generate leads, or educate potential clients, may not be the best move.

Agents continually need fresh, exclusive leads that provide them with access to pre-screened customers that are ready to buy. “For the agent that buys exclusive life insurance or exclusive Medicare insurance leads, they have, on a daily basis if they want, live and ready to roll leads arrive in their inbox. If they work them immediately, there is generally no need for a direct mail campaign. In fact, an online campaign makes far more sense,” added Green.

When ordering exclusive leads of any kind, make certain they are only sold just once. “If the company you buy from says they are selling exclusive leads and you discover several other agents are also working the same leads, it’s time to move to a different lead generation company,” Green suggested.

Despite the fact that most agents do want to only deal with immediate leads, there is something to be said for historical leads as well, leads that range in age up to 10 months or more. Some of these may be goldmines if worked properly. The question here is whether or not the agent wants to take the time to deal with leads that old. “Most agents do not have the time or patience to work historical leads, but they have their place in the hierarchy of lead generation,” Green commented.

In reality, the most effective, efficient method to work leads is to invest in real time, pre-screened and ready-to-buy potential customer leads, delivered to an agent’s inbox daily. Leads that when worked with due diligence and alacrity generally pay off quickly, and that is what growing an insurance agency is all about.

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